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Located in Lexington, KY. Fly into Lexington (LEX), Louisville (SDF), Cincinnati (CMH).

Olive Hill Sporthorses


Diana Conlon
Lexington, KY
Fly into Lexington (LEX), Louisville (SDF), Cincinnati (CMH)

Latest Updates

  • 5.3.17: Video Update: New listing Zathura shows off her great style for the 3'6" Small Junior Hunters.
  • 4.21.17: Welcoming fancy Stal Wilten import Zathura to the OHS page! Great kid experience in novice jumper classes and now aiming for the Small Juniors. Eligible everything but expected to debut the 3'6" soon.
  • 4.11.17: Several new ones on the way for the OHS page, welcoming pretty young Small Junior prospect Magnolia to kick it all off!
  • 2.2.17: Handsome new young hunter Luigi Peak has joined the Olive Hill page, see him show this winter at the World Equestrian Center.
  • 11.1.16: Olive Hill welcomes experienced & well-priced step-up equitation horse Semper Fidelis to their page, and wishes Devito the best of luck in his new lease!

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Beautiful ring presence and a great jumper that is clever enough for the derbies and handy enough for the equitation. Eligible 3’ Green and has great experience winning Novice & Intermediate Jumper classes for young owner that is partial to that ring. Now exhibiting her fancy looks and beautiful style in the hunters and ready for finishing as a top Small Junior. Imported from Stal Wilten summer of 2015 and has many successful siblings in the hunter rings.

    • 2010 16h Dutch Warmblood Mare
    • Barn Name: Z
    • Sire: Zacharov
    • Showing in: 3' Green Hunters, 12-14 Equitation
    • Type: Hunter, Equitation
    • Sale Price Range: $60,000 - $80,000
    • Imported 2015.
  • Career Highlights:

    2017 ribbons in the 3' Green Hunters

    Excellent 2016 record in the Novice & Intermediate Ch/AA Jumpers, including numerous wins at the WEC shows, class & classic wins out of 20 at KY Country Heir, and tricolors at Brownland.

Zathura Zacharov Clinton Corrado I
Oldine Lord Z
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  • Zathura-hunter
2010 16h Dutch Warmblood Mare by Zacharov
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Arrived January 2017 and already comfortable in the hunter ring. No spook, tons of step, and doesn’t mind getting out of trouble. Reserve Champion Adult Amateur Hunter plus ribbons in the 14 & Under Childrens, and 3’3” Performance Hunters, at WEC this winter, and is right on track for the Small Juniors. Well-broke and handy and should double beautifully as a derby or equitation horse. Suitable for juniors & amateurs, will go best for those that don’t over-complicate things. Sweet & easy at home and shows no mare-ish tendencies.

    • 2008 16h German Sport Horse Mare
    • Barn Name: Maggie
    • Sire: Lad
    • Showing in: Ch/AA Hunters, 3'3" Performance Hunters
    • Type: Hunter, Equitation Prospect
    • Asking Price: $50,000 - $70,000
    • Lease Price Range: $20k - $40k/yr
    • Imported 2017. X-rays Available.
  • Career Highlights:

    Reserve Champion Adult Amateur Hunter ~ 2017 Country Heir March

    Additional ribbons in 3'3" Performance Hunters & Childrens Hunters (14 & Under) at 2017 Country Heir Winter Series Shows

Magnolia Lad Landgraf I Ladykiller
Edelstern Altan II
Saphira Sandro Hit Sandro Song
Antenne II
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  • Maggie-hunter-1
  • Maggie-hunter
2008 16h German Sport Horse Mare by Lad
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Luigi Peak

Luigi Peak

Easy changes, great rhythm, and an enjoyable ride on a daily basis. Debuted Baby Greens in 2017 with great ribbons in company and ready for finishing as a sharp 3’6” hunter & equitation horse. Hasn’t minded missed distances and hasn’t needed much work on show mornings. May have an occasional baby moment, but always very brave, honest, and hard-working. Sensible with lots of natural aptitude and an excellent opportunity to finish your own.

    • 2011 16.1h Dutch Warmblood Gelding
    • Barn Name: Luigi
    • Sire: Lordanos
    • Showing in: Baby Green Hunters
    • Type: Hunter, Hunter Prospect, Equitation Prospect
    • Sale Price Range: $40,000 - $60,000
    • Imported 2016.
  • Career Highlights:

    3rd, 3rd & 4th of 15, Baby Green Hunters ~ 2017 WEC Winter Classic I

Luigi Peak Lordanos Lanadel Landgraf
Pia Polydor
Anna Amicello
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  • Luigi peak hunter2
  • Luigi peak hunter3
2011 16.1h Dutch Warmblood Gelding by Lordanos
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True Gold

True Gold

Well-bred schoolmaster for riders moving up, has shown big A Circuit venues in addition to many years of attendance on local Michigan circuits. Perfect for petite riders moving up and competitive through 3’/3’3”. Has auto-changes, a good education, and a nice natural motor. Very cute jumper and also a comfortable ride in the equitation. Plenty of style to show anywhere plus a great work ethic for those that need to practice. Not spooky and always up for whatever the day brings.

    • 2004 15.3h Oldenburg Gelding
    • Barn Name: Woody
    • Sire: All The Gold
    • Showing in: 2'6"-3' Hunter & Equitation
    • Type: Hunter
    • Asking Price: $20,000
  • Career Highlights:

    Low Childrens Hunter & Equitation ribbons out of 18-29 entries ~ 2016 Great Lakes Equestrian Festival

    Reserve Champion Special Hunter & Winner Low Childrens Hunters O/F ~ 2015 Woodbine

    Winner + Ribbons Novice Junior Hunters ~ 2015 Haverhill June

    Champion Special Hunter; Reserve Champion Low Childrens Hunter; Winner Low Childrens Equitation; 2nd HJAM Medal ~ 2015 Woodbine June

    Many additional 2015 Novice Junior Hunter/Low & Mod. Childrens Hunter ribbons at Kentucky National(14 entries), Stoney Ridge (19 entries), Win-A-Gin (20 entries), Great Lakes Equestrian Festival (14 entries) & Metamora Hunt

    Many additional ribbons in Low Childrens, Novice Junior, and Beginner Hunter & Equitation classes 2014-2011

True Gold All The Gold Gepard Gotthard
Wedda Wettstreit
Paris Match Let's Just Be Glad Abes Hope
Portee Gem
Helena Bramble
Lady Helena
(click image to view larger)
  • Woody-childrens-hunter-1
  • Woody-childrens-hunter
2004 15.3h Oldenburg Gelding by All The Gold

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