Sale Barn Listing Registration

Current clients can use the "Quick Add" button above to add new horses to their Sale Barn accounts.

We work closely with you to create a professional space for your business on our web site. Construction of your custom Sale Barn page typically takes 7-14 days depending on our schedule and your timely submission of media. If you need help gathering photos or videos, or have any other questions, just let us know.

    Exchange Account Registration (Register Payment)

  • Time to complete: 15-30 Minutes.
  • Tell us about your barn, program, or equine sales business. Please be ready to submit your logo and pictures of your facility/horses/stallions/riders, or whatever you have chosen to use in your custom slide-show.
  • You will need a credit card to complete this form but charges are *not* processed when you hit send. The form will securely transmit your information to us using 128 bit SSL encryption. We will process charges when all media has been received and approved.

    Exchange Equine Fact Sheet (for Sale Barn Horses)

  • Time to Complete: About 10-15 Minutes. Complete one Fact Sheet for each horse you wish to include on your Sale Barn page.
  • The Equine Fact Sheet for Sale Barn horses is specially designed for fast & easy submission of new horses.
  • Be ready to include photos & links to YouTube videos.
  • It is not necessary to submit all of your horses at once. Starting with a few and adding more over the coming weeks will keep your page's traffic consistently high for a longer period of time.

    Exchange Media Center (Submit Videos & Photos)

  • If necessary, submit additional photos through our Media Center. At least one quality photo is required for all horses.

Once your Exchange Account is registered you can use the + Add New Horse and + Add New Media links located at the top of each page to quickly submit new listings and media.

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Current Exchange clients can quickly add new horses to Premium or Sale Barn Accounts here.

Click here to learn about differences in Premium & Sale Barn Listings.

+ Add New Media:

This option is for current clients to quickly submit new media for horses already registered with The Exchange. If your horse is not yet registered please complete these steps before submitting media.

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