@ExchangeHJ We are discussing your website and your business case in our class at @CarnegieMellonQ! ~ @allanreeves, tweeting from Carnegie Melon University in Qatar

ExchangeHunterJumper.com has been featured as an ongoing, yearly updated case study in the college-level text E-Commerce: Business. Technology. Society since 2011. Published in multiple languages and recognized as a market leader in e-commerce studies, this text explores our unique marketing strategies through six tale-filled pages.

Also featured are case studies on the rapidly developing online strategies of companies such as Pandora, Netflix, Twitter, Facebook, E-Bay, Volkswagon and REI.

We are very proud of this recognition and the company it stands in, and thoroughly enjoy sharing our experiences with the business leaders of tomorrow.

Excerpts from the publisher's web site:

"This comprehensive, market-leading text emphasizes the three major driving forces behind E-commerce - technology change, business development, and social issues - to provide a coherent conceptual framework for understanding the field."

Chapter-Closing Case Studies. Each chapter concludes with a case study based on a real-world organization. These cases help refresh students’ understanding of chapter concepts by having them apply their knowledge to concrete problems and scenarios such as:

  • Pandora's use of the freemium business model
  • The marketing strategies of ExchangeHunterJumper.com,
    an innovative start-up business
  • Behavioral targeting and real-time advertising
  • How OpenTable created a national market in restaurant reservations
  • REI’s evolving website and e-commerce capabilities
  • Akaimai’s use of edge computing to keep movies streaming
  • Elemica's development of an industry trading hub

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