Carricon is a gorgeous junior & amateur hunter that has won from 3’ to 3’6”, including year end tricolors in the 3’6” Amateur Owners, for a rider that had never shown any of those heights. He has the quality to show anywhere and is ready to step right into your program and win. He has had good professional oversight since arriving in the States at age 4, and the owner has managed the majority of his riding & handling at home since 2016. He schools & shows early in the week with his pro and has done exceptionally well with this routine, winning for the owner from 3’ Childrens to 3’6” AOs and now accommodating the inconsistencies of her college schedule. He is well-traveled, honest, and good-humored at the jumps, and would love a rider that’s ready to go win at 3’. He’s perfect for hands-on amateurs or those that prefer to be in partial-training, and will undoubtedly shine in any full-service situation.

Lauren Kissel, Patchwork Farm
(404) 403-1347, [email protected]

2010 16.2h Holsteiner Gelding
by Carrico

  • Barn Name: Carricon
  • Imported: 2014
  • Type: Hunter
  • Competing in: 3'3" & 3'6" Amateur Owner & Performance Hunters
  • Price Range: $100,000 - $150,000
  • Located: Canton, GA
  • Nearest Airport: Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta (ATL)
  • Seller/Agent: Lauren Kissel
  • Showing With: Patchwork Farm
  • X-Rays Available.
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