Fritz is a stylish mover & jumper that shows no shortage of scope. By the For Pleasure son Friscati, he was imported in 2018 and is enjoying success with his amateur owner in the 2’6”-3’ hunters, including several hack & division wins at Old Salem this year. He is a naturally confident horse that makes a striking impression in the ring and has been consistently wonderful to show. His beautiful canter is highly adjustable with just the right amount of carry to it, and his great rhythm makes distances easy to find. He is very willing, good-brained, and an all-around pleasure to work with. He has bravely jumped around everywhere with minimal prep and is equally straightforward at home. Currently eligible 3’ Green, he has top talent for the 3’6” Jr/AOs and is suitable for a Ch/AA rider working with their pro. He has quality for both to win on & should thrive in any proper show program.

Elise Perry, Half Moon Imports
516-468-4810, [email protected]

2012 16.2h Latvian Warmblood Gelding
by Friscati

  • Barn Name: Fritz
  • Imported: 2018
  • Type: Hunter
  • Competing in: 3' Hunters
  • Price Range: $100,000 - $150,000
  • Located: Long Island, NY
  • Nearest Airport: New York (JFK)
  • Favorite Treat: Carrots
  • Seller/Agent: Elise Perry
  • Showing With: Half Moon Imports
  • X-Rays Available.
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