Baxter Lane Farm

Heather Dayner, 352-427-5826

Located in Williston, FL. Fly into Gainseville (GNV), Tampa (TPA), Orlando (MCO.

Baxter Lane Farm


Heather Dayner
Williston, FL
Fly into Gainseville (GNV), Tampa (TPA), Orlando (MCO

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Dots On My Socks

Dots On My Socks

Kind, athletic, sound-minded horse with great quality to develop through the levels, winning at 2’6”/2’9” and ready for a competitive 2019 3’ Green season. Easy changes, 3’6” step and scope, and suitable for a junior or amateur to help finish. Still a bit inexperienced but always very brave at the shows and jumps from anywhere. Owned by a novice adult and has shown great kindness and patience. No prep, no hormones, no maintenance, just attractive and affordably priced potential for the 3’6” hunters & derbies.

    • 2011 16.1 1/2h Oldenburg Mare
    • Barn Name: Harlequin (Harley)
    • Sire: Donner Bube
    • Showing in: 2'6"/2'9" Hunters, eligible 2019 3' Greens
    • Type: Hunter, Jumper Prospect
    • Sale Price Range: $20,000 - $40,000
    • X-rays Available.
  • Career Highlights:

    Reserve Champion 2'6" USHJA Hunter ~ 2018 Pre-Camp S'mores

    Additional ribbons & experience in the Baby Green & Low Schooling Hunters in 2017 & 2018.

Dots On My Socks Donner Bube Donnerhall Donnerwetter
St Pr St Aldate Pik Bube I
St Pr St Aldina
Whimsical II Fabrioso Fabrizio du Mouline
Kathmorr OSO
Wintessa Silberfeil
Wee Toty
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  • Harley-oldenburg-hunter
2011 16.1 1/2h Oldenburg Mare by Donner Bube
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A pony to grow with from W/T to Pony Finals. Won Small Green O/F at 2011 Pony Finals finishing 3rd Overall, and jumped around the Smalls with hack & model scores in the 80s at 2015 Finals. Also trail rides, goes bareback, dons costumes, cleans up in the Short Stirrup, and does all the other fun kid things. Great mover and jumper with tons of quality for a child to grow into. Quiet but not dull so little ones can keep him going. Kind, dependable, not spooky, and still quite young by Small Pony standards! Doesn’t need much big kid riding and in fact is happiest when just bopping around with a tiny charge.

    • 2005 12.1 5/8h Welsh Pony Gelding
    • Barn Name: Chatty
    • Sire: Glannant Captain
    • Showing in: Short Stirrup, Childrens Pony & Small Pony Hunters
    • Type: Pony
    • Sale Price Range: $40,000 - $60,000
    • Lease Price Range: $20k or less/yr
  • Career Highlights:

    Ribbons Small Pony Hunters ~ 2018 Venice Spring Concours I

    Reserve Champion Schooling Pony Hunter & Ribbons Short Stirrup ~ 2018 HITS Ocala Championship

    Reserve Champion Short Stirrup Equitation ~ 2018 Venice Equestrian Tour VII

    Reserve Champion Short Stirrup Hunter ~ 2018 HITS Ocala January Classic

    Many additional miles & ribbons in the Short Stirrup, Childrens Pony & Small Pony Hunters through the seasons

    Winner Small Green Pony Hunter O/F & 3rd Overall ~ 2011 USEF Pony Finals

Chatterbox Glannant Captain Glannant Country Roads Cusop Sparklet
Glannant Primrose Lane
Cwmpennant Carina Coed Coch Dolfin
Tydi Gazelle
Patchwork Bayflower Farnley Sparkler Farnley Sirius
Cui Glitter
Shots Bay Lady Mr. Big Shot III
Shots May M
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  • Chatty-small-pony-hunter
  • Chatty-small-pony-hunter-2
  • Chatty-short-stirrup-pony
  • Chatty-short-stirrup-pony-2
2005 12.1 5/8h Welsh Pony Gelding by Glannant Captain
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Fancy moving Short Stirrup & Childrens Pony Hunter with auto-changes and quality to show on any circuit. Good rated . Makes the lines easily but never offers to leave the step out, even if the kid is still kicking. Sweet on the ground and very willing under saddle but more of a push ride and can be tough for tiny ones to make go. Perfect for riders ready to dominate their local circuit and step up to the rateds. May consider payments on sale or lease for $10k/year.

    • 2005 13.1h Welsh Pony Gelding
    • Barn Name: Blaze
    • Sire: Laithehill Goldolier
    • Showing in: Short Stirrup & Childrens Pony Hunters
    • Type: Pony
    • Asking Price: $20,000
    • Lease Price Range: $20k or less/yr
  • Career Highlights:

    Winner U/S & Ribbons O/F Childrens Pony Hunters ~ 2018 Venice Equestrian Tour V

    Champion Short Stirrup Hunter; 3rd Short Stirrup Medal Finals ~ 2017 Southeast Medal Finals

    Champion Short Stirrup Hunter; Champion Short Stirrup Equitation ~ 2017 It's A Wrap

    Champion Short Stirrup Hunter; Resreve Champion Short Stirrup Equitation ~ 2017 Spring Concours II

    Champion Short Stirrup Equitation; Reserve Champion Short Stirrup Hunter ~ 2016 Plain Brown Wrapper

    Many additional ribbons in the Short Stirrup & Childrens Pony Hunters

iRock Laithehill Goldolier Eyarth Rio Hafodyresgob Buzby
Eyarth Zsa Zsa
Douthwaite Gloria Ernford Wildfire
Downland Glamour
Rendene Stormy Affair Rosevean Monsoon Bwlch Zephyr
Rosevean Moon Daisy
Roseisle Gay Romance Gay Sovereign
Whalton Sunny Rapture
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  • Blaze-medium-pony-hunter
2005 13.1h Welsh Pony Gelding by Laithehill Goldolier
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Nuff Said

Nuff Said

Starter show horse deluxe! Darling ho-hum rhythm that hunter judges adore. Winner for a novice to ride all the way through 3’3” and has won very good ribbons at both WEF & Ocala. Also has a Small Junior card and scope for 3’6” but does require a lot of leg. Auto-changes, no spook, no peek, and clocks around the same in every trip. Tolerates a total beginner as long as they can kick. Wins with consistency and frequently beats much flashier models. Jumps flat and comfortable, great size, not intimidating in any way, and loves being a baby sitter.

    • 2009 15.3 3/4h Dutch Warmblood Gelding
    • Barn Name: X
    • Sire: Up To Date
    • Showing in: Modified Ch/AA - 3'3" Jr/AO Hunters
    • Type: Hunter
    • Asking Price: $35,000
    • Lease Price Range: $20k or less/yr
    • Imported 2014.
  • Career Highlights:

    Reserve Champion Modified Child Hunter; 2nd, 4th & 4th of 14, Childrens Hunters ~ 2018 HITS Ocala VII

    Champion 3'3" Junior Hunter & Champion 12-17 Equitation ~ 2018 CFHJA December

    2nd, Rd. 1 Childrens Hunter Finals; 2nd, Equitation Team Challenge; 8th of 19, Childrens Medal Finals; 4th & 5th of 16, Childrens Equitation ~ 2017 Southeast Medal Finals

    Winner NAL/WIHS Childrens Hunter Classic ~ 2017 Tryon Summer 7

    Champion Modified Child Hunter & Reserve Champion Limit Equitation ~ 2017 HITS Ocala Winter Celebration

    Champion Modified Ch/AA Hunter; Winner O/F, 2nd O/F, 2nd Zone Finals Class, Childrens Hunters ~ 2016 CFHJA November

    2nd of 18, 2'6" Hunter Derby ~ 2016 Camp Fox Lea

    Reserve Champion 14 & Under Childrens Hunter ~ 2016 CFHJA May

    Reserve Champion Low Childrens Hunter ~ 2016 Venice Equestrian Tour IV

    Reserve Champion Low Childrens Hunter ~ 2016 Venice Equestrian Tour III

    Reserve Champion Pre-Childrens Hunter ~ 2016 CFHJA December

    Reserve Champion Childrens Hunter ~ 2015 Atlanta Summer Classic

    2nd, 3rd & 7th of 40, Low Childrens Hunters ~ 2015 WEF 10

    3rd of 29, Low Childrens Hunters ~ 2015 WEF 9

    3rd of 22, 12-14 Equitation Flat; 4th of 35, Low Hunters; 5th & 6th of 25, Childrens Hunters ~ 2015 WEF 7

    Numerous additional wins & ribbons from 2013 to present

Nuff Said Up To Date
(click image to view larger)
  • Nuffsaid-hunter
  • Nuffsaid-hunter-2
  • Nuffsaid-hunter-model
2009 15.3 3/4h Dutch Warmblood Gelding by Up To Date

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