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Located in Charlotte, NC. Fly into Charlotte Douglas (CLT).

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Megan Rosenthal
(704) 577-4437
Charlotte, NC
Fly into Charlotte Douglas (CLT)

Latest Updates

  • 8.18.18: Introducing Carolina Chrome, Guest of Honor, and Caliente, three proven jr/am partners that cover the bases from Walk/Trot to Jr/AO Jumpers! Great opportunity for trainers with multiple shopping students.
  • 8.11.18: Welcoming Wing Man back from a successful summer lease complete with new photos, video, and good ribbons in the Low Adult Jumpers. Meanwhile, Ibiza showed the Zone 3/4 Adult Amateur Jumper Championships at Tryon and came home with a very impressive 3rd Place in round 2, new photo & video posted.
  • 6.18.18: Welcoming hack-winning Ch/AA Hunter Arrow K, and great new pics & vid for 3'6"+ working hunter & international derby horse Times Square. Trials for FTF sale horses can be arranged at NCHJA Annual, Blowing Rock & KY Bluegrass Festival this summer.
  • 4.6.18: Welcoming four great new listings to the FTF page this week: Two gorgeous high-end hunter/derby/equitation types & two perfect move-up jumper types. Say hello to Colgate, Times Square, Wing Man & Ibiza. Also, show schedule updated to include Tryon Welcome & Spring, Devon, NCHJA & Blowing Rock.
  • 2.6.18: Welcoming stunning young hunter Little Boy Balou! By Balou du Rouet and out of Lux Z mare this boy is royally bred and has a full brother that is a licensed stallion. He is already showing 3'6" and qualified for 2017 Devon, Harrisburg, Washington and the National Horse Show in the Green Conformation Hunters.

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Guest of Honor

Guest of Honor

Former Junior Hunter campaigner owner will lease for the 2’6”-3’ divisions, has done it all including Devon, Indoors, WEF (tricolors & hack wins) & Junior Hunter Finals (ribbons handy & overall). Trainer’s dream: Quiet, easy to show, straightforward to ride, and competitive in the hacks. Never looks at the jumps and has an easy lead change. Eye-catching presence and a comfortable uphill leg-ride ride that’s great for kids and amateurs. Very good at his job and a wonderful teacher for anyone getting serious in the show ring.

    • 2005 16.3 1/8h Dutch Warmblood Gelding
    • Barn Name: Chip
    • Showing in: 2'6"-3' Ch/AA Hunters
    • Type: Hunter
    • Lease Price Range: $20k - $40k/yr
    • Imported 2012. X-rays Available.
  • Career Highlights:

    Qualified & competed 2017 Devon, Large Junior Hunters 15 & Under

    Champion 3'6" Performance Hunter ~ 2017 Atlanta Spring Classic II

    5th of 24, USHJA National Hunter Derby ~ 2017 Cupid Classic

    3rd of 23, $1000 3'6" Junior Hunter Classic ~ 2017 WEC Winter Classic I

    2017 3'6" Junior Hunter wins or ribbons at Tryon May, Aiken Spring Finale, Aiken Spring Masters, Atlanta Spring Classic, WEC Winter Classics, Cupid Classic, WEC New Years

    Qualified & competed 2016 Washington International Horse Show, Large Junior Hunters 15 & Under

    11th of 43, 3'6" Junior Hunter Classic ~ 2016 Duke Benefit

    5th of 21, USHJA National Hunter Derby ~ 2016 NC State Fair

    2nd of 17, 3'6" Junior Hunter Classic ~ 2016 Aiken Fall Festival

    Champion 3'6" Junior Hunter 16-17; Winner Junior Hunter Classic, 24 entries; 5th of 17, Memorial Challenge of Champions ~ 2016 Blowing Rock I

    12th in Handy & 14th Overall, 45 entries, 3'3" Junior Hunters 15 & Under ~ 2016 Junior Hunter Finals East

    Champion 3'6" Large Junior Hunter 16-17; Winner Junior Hunter Classic, 15 entries; 7th of 46, Gary Baker Memorial Hunter Derby ~ 2016 Loudoun Benefit

    Reserve Champion 3'3" Large Junior Hunter 16-17 & Winner U/S ~ 2016 Tryon Spring 4

    Reserve Champion 3'3" Large Junior Hunter 15 & Under ~ 2016 Jacksonville Spring Classic II

    Weekly 3'3" Junior Hunter Ribbons out of 21-39 entres ~ 2016 Winter Equestrian Festival

    2016 3'6" Junior Hunter wins or ribbons at Duke Benefit, NC State Fair, Aiken Fall Festival, Blowing Rock II, Cavalier Classic, Brandywine, Tryon Spring

    Ribbons 3'3" Junior Hunters 14 & Over, 26 entries; 10th WCHR Junior Challenge ~ 2015 Capital Challenge

    Reserve Champion 3'3" Junior Hunter 15 & Under & Winner U/S ~ 2015 Blowing Rock Charity

    Reserve Champion 3'3" Performance Hunter ~ 2015 Tryon Spring 6

    3rd, 5th & 8th of 22, Childrens Hunters ~ 2015 WEF 12

    3rd of 28, Childrens Hunters ~ 2015 WEF 11

    Winner U/S, 24 entries & 5th of 24 O/F Childrens Hunters ~ 2015 WEF 10

    Winner U/S, 21 entries & 2nd, 5th & 6th of 21 O/F Childrens Hunters ~ 2015 WEF 9

    Reserve Champion Childrens Hunter, 25 entries ~ 2015 WEF 7

    Reserve Champion Childrens Hunter, 15 entries ~ 2015 WEF 3

    1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th of 12, Childrens Hunters ~ 2015 WEF 2

    Reserve Champion Childrens Hunter, 37 entries ~ 2014 WIHS Regional

    2014 Childrens Hunter ribbons at Zone 3 Finals, Middleburg, Blue Grass Festival, Blowing Rock Charity, NCHJA Annual, Loudoun Benefit, Lexington Spring Encore & Premiere

Guest of Honor
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  • Chip-childrens-hunter-1
  • Chip-childrens-hunter-2
  • Chip-childrens-hunter
2005 16.3 1/8h Dutch Warmblood Gelding
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Big scopey import; comes out brave and reliable every day and had excellent 1.50m experience in Europe. Quick-footed with a huge step and great commitment to the fences. Loves to jump clean and go for the win, but also forgiving of mistakes and doesn’t hold a grudge. Perfect for riders that like (or need!) to be taken a bit, currently shows the High Ch/AA Jumpers and attended the 2018 USHJA Zone 3/4 Championships. Imported summer of 2017 and has also done the Jr/AOs. Ready to start winning now or can help the developing rider figure it out.

    • 2007 17h Warmblood Gelding
    • Barn Name: Cal
    • Showing in: Ch/AA-Jr/AO Jumpers
    • Type: Jumper
    • Sale Price Range: $80,000 - $100,000
    • Lease Price Range: $40k - $60k/yr
    • Imported 2017. X-rays Available.
  • Career Highlights:

    Competed 2018 USHJA Zone 3/4 Ch/AA Jumper Championships

    8th of 36, 1.05m Schooling Jumpers ~ 2018 Blowing Rock

    Reserve Champion High Ch/AA Jumper ~ 2018 Aiken Spring Classic Masters

    Reserve Champion High Ch/AA Jumper ~ 2018 Cupid Classic

    Additional 2018 High Ch/AA Jumper ribbons at Tryon Spring Series, Tryon Welcome, March Madness, WEC Winter, WEC New Years

    2nd, NAL/WIHS High Childrens Jumper Classic ~ 2017 Duke Benefit

    2nd of 20, High Adult Jumpers; 10th of 26, $2500 NAL/WIHS High Ch/AA Jumper Classic ~ 2017 Vermont Summer Celebration

    5th of 23, $2500 NAL/WIHS High Ch/AA Jumper Classic; 5th of 34, 1.10m Jumpers ~ 2017 Manchester & the Mountains

    4th of 26, High Adult Jumpers; 6th of 42, 1.0m Jumpers ~ 2017 Valley Classic

    Ribbons Low Jr/AO Jumpers ~ 2017 Cavalier Classic

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  • Caliente-jumper
  • Caliente-jumper-2
2007 17h Warmblood Gelding
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Carolina Chrome

Carolina Chrome

Adorable hack-winning medium that will happily take a child from Walk/Trot to Childrens Pony Hunters. Lots of good rated show miles including Green Pony tricolors at WEF and back-to-back Short Stirrup tricolors at Blowing Rock I & II last year. As quiet as they come and a classic pony kick ride with easy changes and a big step. Brave to the jumps and gets no prep to show. Super confidence builder for a timid rider and did a fantastic job for the current owner. Much loved but sadly outgrown and ready to teach another.

    • 2006 13.1 3/4h Welsh X Gelding
    • Barn Name: Duncan
    • Sire: Caolinas Red Fox
    • Showing in: Childrens Hunter Pony
    • Type: Pony
    • Sale Price Range: $20,000 - $40,000
    • Lease Price Range: $20k or less/yr
    • X-rays Available.
  • Career Highlights:

    2018 Childrens Hunter Pony ribbons at Tryon Spring, March Madness, WEC Winter, WEC Nw Years

    Winner Childrens Pony Equitation Flat & O/F; Ribbons Children Hunter Pony ~ 2017 Duke Benefit

    Champion Childrens Hunter Pony ~ 2017 Aiken Fall Festival

    Champion Short Stirrup Hunter, 16 entries; Reserve Champion Short Stirrup Equitation, 17 entries ~ 2017 Blowing Rock Charity II

    Champion Short Stirrup Hunter, 15 entries ~ 2017 Blowing Rock Charity I

    Winner Short Stirrup Hunter O/F & U/S ~ 2017 Atlanta Spring Classic II

    Champion Small/Med Pony Hunter ~ 2016 RMI Raleigh Benefit

    Champion Small/Med Green Pony Hunter ~ 2016 WEF 11

    Many additional Medium Green & Medium Pony Hunter ribbons throughout 2016

Carolina Chrome Caolinas Red Fox Carolinas Purple Emperor Solway Master Bronze
Eden Blue Bunting
Downland Dresden Downland Chevalier
Downland Dignity
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  • Duncan-medium-pony
  • Duncan-medium-pony-1
  • Duncan-medium-pony-2
2006 13.1 3/4h Welsh X Gelding by Caolinas Red Fox
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Wing Man

Wing Man

Perfect first jumper that can also double in the equitation ring. Proven record through the High Ch/AA Jumpers and recently began showing the 3’-3’6” equitation. Big stride and automatic lead changes. Brave to the jumps and needs minimal prep to show. Beautiful head and a kind eye that reflects his sweet and willing temperament. Carries pace but not in an intimidating way; stays soft in the bridle and never takes over from the rider. Great teacher and a perfect first jumper for a child or adult.

    • 2007 15.3h Warmblood Gelding
    • Barn Name: Archie
    • Showing in: Ch/AA Jumpers & Equitation
    • Type: Jumper, Equitation
    • Sale Price Range: $20,000 - $40,000
    • Lease Price Range: $20k or less/yr
    • Imported 2015. X-rays Available.
  • Career Highlights:

    Reserve Champion Low Adult Jumper ~ 2018 Tryon Spring 6

    Additional 2018 ribbons in the Low Adult Jumpers & 3' Childrens Medals

    2nd, $2400 Childrens Team Championship, 24 entries ~ 2017 Constitution Classic

    Reserve Champion HIgh Childrens Jumper ~ 2017 Keswick

    3rd of 17, NAL/WIHS HIgh Childrens Classic ~ 2017 Lexington Spring Encore

    2nd of 14, NAL/WIHS HIgh Childrens Classic ~ 2017 Lexington Spring Premiere

    6th of 27, M&S/NAL High Childrens Classic & Ribbons out of 20 ~ 2017 HITS Ocala Winter Celebration

    8th of 22, M&S/NAL High Childrens Classic + Ribbons out of 19-27 ~ 2017 HITS Ocala Masters

    Winner High Childrens Jumper, 16 entries; 12th of 36, M&S/NAL High Childrens Classic ~ 2017 HITS Ocala Winter Festival

    Additional High Childrens Jumper ribbons in 2017 at Vermont Summer Festival, Swan Lake, Loudoun Benefit, Upperville, Lexington Spring Series, HITS Ocala

    Winner High Ch/AA Jumper, 14 entries ~ 2016 Maryland Horse & Pony

    7th of 23, $2500 NAL/WIHS Adult Jumper Classic ~ 2016 Vermont Summer Celebration

    Reserve Champion Adult Jumper, 28 entries; 3rd of 29, $2500 NAL/WIHS Adult Jumper Classic ~ 2016 Manchester & The Mountains

    5th of 35, $2500 NAL/WIHS Adult Jumper Classic ~ 2016 Valley Classic

    Champion High Adult Jumper, 21 entries ~ 2016 Cavalier Classic

    10th of 46, $2500 M&S/NAL Adult Jumper Classic ~ 2016 HITS Ocala Winter Festival

    Additional High Adult Jumper ribbons in 2016 at Showday National, Swan Lake, Blue Rock, St. Christophers, Lexington Spring, HITS Ocala, Pensacola Winter

Wing Man
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  • Wingman-equitation
  • Wingman-jumper
  • Wingman-jumper-2
  • Wingman-jumper-3
2007 15.3h Warmblood Gelding
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Arrow K

Arrow K

Winning Ch/AA Hunter by leading hunter stallion Popeye K and out of the famous hunter champion (and Breyer model!) GG Valentine. Cute jumper and a top hack prize in company. Nice rhythmical canter to find the jumps on plus a huge step and easy lead changes. Great Childrens Hunter & National Derby prizes and has shown through 3’6” with a professional. Very tolerant of mistakes in the Pre-Ch/AA & Ch/AA divisions and can show 3’3”-3’6” Jr/AOs for more accomplished riders. Simple horse with a quiet demeanor and sweet temperament. A favorite in the barn and especially with the trainers.

    • 2008 16h Warmblood Gelding
    • Barn Name: Arrow
    • Sire: Popeye K
    • Showing in: Ch/AA Hunters
    • Type: Hunter
    • Sale Price Range: $80,000 - $100,000
    • Lease Price Range: $20k - $40k/yr
    • X-rays Available.
  • Career Highlights:

    Winner U/S, 2nd + Ribbons O/F 3'6" Performance Hunters ~ 2018 Cupid Classic

    Ribbons Childrens Hunters ~ 2017 Duke Benefit

    Winner O/F + Ribbons Childrens Hunters, 16 entries ~ 2017 Blue Grass Festival

    Champion 3' Performance Hunter, Winner U/S ~ 2017 Aiken Spring Classic Masters

    3rd O/F & 4th U/S, Childrens Hunters, 17 entries ~ 2017 WEF 4

    Additional 3'-3'6" Performance Hunter ribbons throughout 2017

    Winner O/F + Ribbons Childrens Hunters; 2nd, NAL/WIHS Childrens Hunter Classic; 3rd, $10,000 Childrens Hunter Cup Finals ~ 2016 Tryon Fall IV

    2nd of 20 U/S; 3rd & 7th of 20 O/F; 4th in Classic, Childrens Hunters ~ 2016 Aiken Fall Festival

    Winner U/S + Ribbons O/F, Childrens Hunters ~ 2016 Greensboro Hunter Jumper Classic

    Ribbons U/S & O/F, Childrens Hunters, 17entries ~ 2016 Blowing Rock Charity

    5th of 21, USHJA National Hunter Derby ~ 2016 Tryon Spring 7

    Additional First Year Green, National Hunter Derby, and Childrens Hunter ribbons in 2016

    Wins, ribbons & tricolors in the Pre-Green Hunters 2015-2014, and in the 2013 Baby Greens.

Arrow K Popeye K Voltaire Furioso II
Go Go Moeve
Eloretta Ronald
GG Valentine
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  • Arrow-hunter
  • Arrow-hunter-1
  • Arrow-hunter-portrait
2008 16h Warmblood Gelding by Popeye K
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Times Square

Times Square

International derby scope + an amateur friendly mind. Imported last fall with 1.40 show experience, stepped right into the 3’9” Green & 3’6” Amateur Hunters this season, and placed 2nd in Round 1 of his first International Hunter Derby. Great jumper and very impressive over big fences. Auto-swaps, huge rhythmical step, and handy enough for the equitation. Simple & quiet by nature; goes in a spur & a snaffle. Easy to see a distance on and has given his amateur rider loads of confidence. Competitive, fun, and versatile for jr/ams with lofty hunter, eq or derby goals.

    • 2007 16.1h Irish Sport Horse Gelding
    • Barn Name: Reid
    • Sire: Lux Z
    • Showing in: 3'6" Amateur Hunters & 3'9" Green Hunters
    • Type: Hunter
    • Sale Price Range: Over $150,000
    • Imported 2017.
  • Career Highlights:

    2nd, 2nd, 2nd + Ribbons 4' High Performance Hunters & Ribbons Childrens Hunters ~ 2018 Tryon Spring 3

    2nd Rd. 1 & 10th Overall USHJA International Hunter Derby; Ribbons AO Hunters & Green Hunters ~ 2018 Aiken Spring Classic Masters

    Reserve Champion 3'6" Amateur Owner Hunter; 2nd of 17, Jr/AO Hunter Classic ~ 2018 Raleigh Indoor Spring Classic

    Reserve Champion 3'9" Green Hunter; Winner 3'3" Jr/AO Hunter Handy ~ 2018 March Madness II

Times Square Lux Z Lord Calando Lord
Apocalypte Z Ahorn Z
Thirza Burggraf Landgraf I
Marleen Excellent W
(click image to view larger)
  • Reid-hunter
  • Reid-hunter-2
  • Reid-hunter-model
  • Reid-hunter-portrait
  • Reid-hunter-1
2007 16.1h Irish Sport Horse Gelding by Lux Z

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