Huntsover Farms

Cynthia Orr Petherbridge, 248-459-5735

Located in Holly, Michigan. Fly into Flint/Bishop (FNT), Detroit/Romulus Metro (DTW).

Huntsover Farms


Cynthia Orr Petherbridge
Holly, Michigan
Fly into Flint/Bishop (FNT), Detroit/Romulus Metro (DTW)

Latest Updates

  • 12.5.16: New pictures posted for large pony The Best Day, and Ch/AA Hunter Tribute.
  • 11.14.16: Great show for Tribute at WEC November! He earned several good Childrens Hunter ribbons out of 20+ entries, was 5th of 19 in the Classic, and placed 2nd & 5th of 30+ Special Hunters. New video posted.
  • 9.22.16: Welcoming Huntsover to our Sale Barn program! Their dedication to producing winning junior & amateur riders is the basis for a great jr/am-ready sale horse selection. Equitation veteran Alabama can be tried at The Kentucky National this week, and look for Tribute, The Best Day, and Sharp Dressed Guy to also be available for trial at the World Equestrian Center this winter.

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Flashy, young, well-bred (Cabardino x Rio Grande) hunter with miles in the Pre-Greens and Childrens. Smart, brave, and honest with good movement and an easy-going jr/am temperament. Aims to please and very sweet to work with. Not spooky and has good experience showing from Kentucky to Traverse City. Step & scope for 3’6” plus gorgeous roan coloring, three huge socks, and a big blaze that will get her noticed anywhere.

    • 2009 16.3h Oldenburg Mare
    • Barn Name: Caprice
    • Sire: Cabardino
    • Showing in: 3' Hunters, eligible Green
    • Type: Hunter, Equitation Prospect
    • Sale Price Range: $40,000 - $60,000
  • Career Highlights:

    Ribbons Childrens Hunters ~ 2016 Great Lakes Equestrian Festival

    2016 Pre-Green Hunter ribbons at 2016 Waterloo HJ Classic, HJAM Annual, Stoney Ridge Farm

    Reserve Champion Baby Green Hunter ~ 2015 Woodbine June

    Began showing Baby Greens in May of 2015 with ribbons at HJAM & Waterloo series

Caprice Cabardino Carpaccio Caretino
Bettina II
Klarina Gaspari I
Farina IV
Rio's Raphella Rio Grande Raphael
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  • Caprice-9
  • Caprice-10
  • Caprice-11
  • Caprice-15
  • Caprice-6
  • Caprice-1
2009 16.3h Oldenburg Mare by Cabardino
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Sharp Dressed Guy

Sharp Dressed Guy

Fancy moving chestnut with chrome, bred to be a show horse and was never trained to race. Cleans up in the Thoroughbred classes (swept division at 2016 Great Lakes & Reserve Circuit Champion in 2015), and is plenty competitive against the Warmbloods (Special Hunter Champion out of 30 at 2016 Country Heir in KY). Also has great experience with a junior and was 2015 HJAM Low Childrens Hunter Champion with the owner. Lovely horse that is very nicely put together. Simple and straightforward and always gets a good piece of the hack.

    • 2006 16.3 1/2h Thoroughbred Gelding
    • Barn Name: Manny
    • Sire: Devil His Due
    • Showing in: Ch/AA & Thoroughbred Hunters
    • Type: Hunter
    • Sale Price Range: $40,000 - $60,000
    • Lease Price Range: $20k - $40k/yr
    • X-rays Available.
  • Career Highlights:

    Champion Thoroughbred Hunter, swept division; 4th, 7th & 7th of 42-54, GLEF Hunters ~ 2016 Great Lakes Equestrian Festival II

    Champion 2'6" Suitable Hunter, 30 entries; Reserve Champion Thoroughbred Hunter, Winner U/S ~ 2016 Country Heir II

    Champion Thoroughbred Hunter ~ 2016 HJAM Annual

    Reserve Champion Thoroughbred Hunter ~ 2016 HJAM Welcome II

    2015 Year End Champion Low Childrens Hunter ~ Hunter Jumper Association of Michigan

    Reserve Circuit Champion Thoroughbred Hunter ~ 2015 Great Lakes Equestrian Festival

    Champion Thoroughbred Hunter; Winner HJAM Low Children's Medal Final; 2nd & 3rd of 21, Low Childrens Hunters ~ 2015 Great Lakes Equestrian Festival IV

    Reserve Champion Thoroughbred Hunter ~ 2015 Great Lakes Equestrian Festival III

    Champion Low Children's Hunter, 24 entries & Winner U/S, 21 entries ~ 2015 Waterloo H&J Classic

    Champion Low Children's Hunter, 21 entries; Winner Low Children's Equitation, 21 entries ~ 2015 Waterloo Hunt

    Champion Thoroughbred Hunter & Winner U/S; Reserve Champion 2'6" Non-Professional Hunter, 26 entries; Winner Intermediate Childrens Hunter O/F, 16 entries ~ 2015 Country Heir II

    Champion Thoroughbred Hunter & Winner U/S; Winner + Ribbons Low Children's Hunter, 2nd of 17, Low Child/Adult Hunter Classic ~ 2015 HJAM Annual

    Reserve Champion Low Children's Hunter; Reserve Champion Thoroughbred Hunter ~ 2015 Hunter Jumper Association of Michigan Welcome

    Champion Thoroughbred Hunter & Winner U/S ~ 2014 Country Heir March

    Winner + Ribbons Low Children's Hunters, 20 entries ~ 2014 Horse Shows by the Bay Series II

    Reserve Champion Thoroughbred Hunter ~ 2014 Country Heir II

    Many additional wins & tricolors throughout the 2013-2011 seasons

Sharp Dressed Guy Devil His Due Devils Bag Halo
Plenty Otoole Raise A Cup
Li'l Puss
Silver Captive Red Ransom Roberto
Theatre Flight Theatrical
Silver In Flight
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  • Manny hunter2
  • Manny hunter
2006 16.3 1/2h Thoroughbred Gelding by Devil His Due

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