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Located in Ocala, FL . Fly into Orlando (MCO), Gainsville (GNV).

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Molly DiNapoli
Ocala, FL
Fly into Orlando (MCO), Gainsville (GNV)

Latest Updates

  • 5.20.21: Welcoming 2 new listings to the Infinitty page, young 3-ring prospect Mint and Jr/AO Jumper veteran + Big Eq candidate Hollandia.
  • 4.20.21: Welcoming young Small Junior Hunter prospect Giggle Z as well as confirmed Grand Prix horse Exclusive Demeter to the Infinitty page. Also wishing Vantage & Callao 7 the best of luck in their new homes ~ congratulations to all!
  • 12.10.20: Wishing Balouberry London the best of luck in her new home! And welcoming the impressive young import Callao 7. With great 2020 experience in the amateur & open classes he's proven to be a very accommodating animal that could show at any level in the jumpers or equitation.
  • 10.16.20: Welcoming new hunter listing Vantage! This experienced jr/am horse has years of Ch/AA & Jr/AO miles and will show at the upcoming National Horse Show in KY. Also, price has been adjusted to the mid-5-figures for 3-ring veteran Balouberry London.
  • 9.11.20: Quandor BZ moved up to the American Standard prix & jumped clean in the $25,000 class at Fox Lea September - new photo & video posted.

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Vingino de Ganad

Vingino de Ganad

Handsome hunter & equitation horse that will be all-around unicorn when finished. Rides the same every day, shows the same in every venue, and jumps the jumps every time. Began 2019 in the 3’ Green & Children’s Hunters and now shows confidently in the 3’6” Medals. Reliable enough to pack a nervous adult around 2’6”, scopey enough step up for the evening’s Derby, and stylish enough to chase any Big Eq dream. Also jumps the open water & liverpools. Perfect gentleman from stall to ring & easily the most brave & forgiving horse in the barn.

    • 2013 17.2h Warmblood Gelding
    • Barn Name: Vino
    • Sire: Gin Gin
    • Showing in: Ch/AA-Jr/AO Hunters & 3'6" Medals
    • Type: Hunter, Jumper, Equitation
    • Sale Price Range: $60,000 - $80,000
    • Lease Price Range: $20k - $40k/yr
    • Imported October 2018. X-rays Available.
  • Career Highlights:

    Childrens Hunter ribbons at 2021 HITS Ocala

    Winner USHJA 3'3" Hunter Medal & Ribbons ASPCA Maclay, USEF Medal & Performance Hunters ~ 2020 PreCamp S'mores

    Champion Limit Equitation ~ 2020 HITS Ocala January Festival

    Champion Limit Equitation ~ 2020 HITS Ocala January Classic

    2019 ribbons in the Childrens Hunters & 3'6" Medals

Vingino de Ganad Gin Gin Chin Chin Constant
Wendra Corland
Eveline D'88
Ralinka Feo Wendekreis
Nalinka de Lauzelle Goldspring de Lauzelle
Kalinka de Lauzelle
(click image to view larger)
  • Vino-medal-horse
  • Vino-junior-hunter
  • Vino-equitation-horse
  • Vino-equitation-portrait
  • Vino-equitation-portrait-1
  • Vino-equitation-portrait-2
  • Vino-equitation-portrait-3
2013 17.2h Warmblood Gelding by Gin Gin
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Spartacus x Pilox x Landadel. Well-broke & well-educated jr/am jumper or serious Big Eq candidate. Jumps the water & liverpools & has all the bells & whistles for a USET flat. Hard-working with a gelding’s go-along personality & loads of try at the jumps. Great style & easy to stay with even when the fences go up. Jumped the young horse tests in Europe, logged great 1.25m Amateur Jumper experience in Canada, and arrived in the US this spring. Step & scope for the Mediums if not Highs or finish as a Big Eq specialist. Always brave & could even pack around the early Ch/AA levels.

    • 2012 17h Dutch Warmblood Mare
    • Barn Name: P
    • Sire: Spartacus
    • Showing in: Ch/AA-Jr/Am Jumpers
    • Type: Jumper, Equitation, Equitation Prospect
    • Sale Price Range: $60,000 - $80,000
    • Lease Price Range: $20k - $40k/yr
    • Imported 2021.
  • Career Highlights:

    Winner $7500 1.25m Prix ~ 2021 Camp Dress Rehearsal

    Winner $1000 .85m Classic; 2nd, $1000 .95m Welcome; 2nd, $1,000 .95m Mini Prix ~ 2021 Venice Spring Concours II

    Imported from Europe to Canada with miles in the young horse classes. Competed to 1.25 in Canada with an amateur, arrived in the US this spring.

Hollandia Spartacus Stakkato Spartan
Galina Grannus
No Mercy Pilox Pilot
La Fleur Landadel
(click image to view larger)
  • Hollandia-1m30prix-winner
  • Hollandia-1m30prix-winner-2
  • Hollandia-1mprix
  • Hollandia-jumper
  • Hollandia-1mprix-win
2012 17h Dutch Warmblood Mare by Spartacus
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Quandor BZ

Quandor BZ

Gorgeous & scopey Grand Prix candidate that’s jumping clean in $25K American Standard classes. Very brave with a big gallop, good adjustability, and a careful jump. Sweet in the barn & adoring of attention yet keen to perform & very ambitious under saddle. Shows up to win & offers tremendous potential for the future. Best-suited for a professional or experienced jr/am supported by the guidance of a quality jumper program. Super mindset + top talent & should be thoughtfully developed.

    • 2013 16.2h Zangersheide Gelding
    • Barn Name: Blondie
    • Sire: Quidam de Revel
    • Showing in: 1.25m-1.35m Developing Jumpers
    • Type: Jumper
    • Sale Price Range: Over $150,000
    • Imported 2020.
  • Career Highlights:

    6th of 22, $5000 1.35m Challenge; Champion 1.25m Jumper; Clear Round, $25,000 Grand Prix ~ 2020 Fox Lea September

    Consistent 1.25m-1.35m Jumper ribbons throughout Fox Lea's 2020 Summer Camp series

Quandor BZ Quidam de Revel Jalisco B Almé Z
Dirka Nankin
Ondine de Baugy
Zandoria Z Zandor Z Zeus
Windekind Almé Z
(click image to view larger)
  • Quandorbz-jumper-2
2013 16.2h Zangersheide Gelding by Quidam de Revel
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Gorgeous & versatile but especially beautiful in the equitation. Show miles in the Childrens/Junior Hunters, National Derbies, 1.15m Jumpers, and Big Eq at Devon, and ready to be a 3’ Medal star that can play in all 3 rings. Forgiving of mistakes & tries hard to help out his rider. Very easy to flat and loves a rider with soft hands. Super personable in the barn, minds his manners and adores being the center of attention.

    • 2010 17h Hanoverian Gelding
    • Barn Name: Waffle
    • Sire: Rosario
    • Showing in: Hunters, Equitation, Jumpers & National Derbies
    • Type: Hunter, Jumper, Equitation
    • Sale Price Range: $40,000 - $60,000
    • Lease Price Range: $20k - $40k/yr
    • X-rays Available.
  • Career Highlights:

    Numerous ribbons in the 3'6" Medals, Junior Equitation, Adult Equitation & Ch/AA Medals

    Competed ASPCA Maclay, USEF Medal, & WIHS Equitation at 2017 Devon, and the 2018 3'3" USHJA Jumping Seat Medal Finals at Capital Challenge

    5th, USHJA National Hunter Derby ~ 2017 Spring Councours II

    Additonal experience in the Childrens Hunters, Junior Equitation & 1.10m/1.15m Jumpers throughout 2017

Zeeland Rosario Rubinstein I Rosenkavalier
Elfenlicht Castro
Elfchen III
Em Eclipse TLM Escudo I Espri
MSB Della Dressman
(click image to view larger)
  • Zeeland-hunter
  • Zeeland-hunter-2
  • Zeeland-equitation
2010 17h Hanoverian Gelding by Rosario
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KM Dubai JH

KM Dubai JH

Great lease opportunity on an experienced upper-level competitor. Will happily teach from Ch/AAs through Jr/AOs & has a record of success through the 1.40m classes. Good sense of humor and a clean jumper that works extra hard to leave the rails up. Very brave & loves a rider that just lets him do his job. Reserve Champion in the 1.30m in November + recent High Ch/AA win for a rider he met for the first time in the warm-up ring. Lease preferred but sale considered to a decidedly ideal situation.

    • 2008 16.2h Dutch Warmblood Gelding
    • Barn Name: Bali
    • Sire: Mermus R
    • Showing in: 1.10m - 1.40m Jumpers
    • Type: Jumper
    • Lease Price Range: $20k - $40k/yr
    • Imported 2017. X-rays Available.
  • Career Highlights:

    Winner & Ribbons High Ch/AA Jumpers ~ 2019 Fox Lea Farm November

    Reserve Champion 1.30m Jumper ~ 2019 CFHJA November

    Ribbons through 1.40m in 2018 & 2017

KM Dubai JH Mermus R Burggraaf Landgraf 1
Dwermie Ramiro Z
Ti Amo Iroko Pilot
Galeria II
(click image to view larger)
  • Bali-2020-juniorjumper-3
  • Bali-2020-juniorjumper-2
  • Bali-2020-juniorjumper
  • Dubai-jumper-2
  • Dubai-2019-jumper-1
  • Dubai-2019-jumper-2
  • Dubai-2019-jumper-3
  • Dubai-2019-jumper-4
2008 16.2h Dutch Warmblood Gelding by Mermus R

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