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Located in Millstone Township, NJ & Ocala, FL (Nov-Mar). Fly into Newark (EWR), Kennedy (JFK), Philadelphia (PHL) or Gainseville (GNV), Tampa (TPA), Orlando (MCO).

Kali Jerman Sport Horses


Kali Jerman
Millstone Township, NJ & Ocala, FL (Nov-Mar)
Fly into Newark (EWR), Kennedy (JFK), Philadelphia (PHL) or Gainseville (GNV), Tampa (TPA), Orlando (MCO)

Latest Updates

  • 1.8.20: Very special lease opportunity available on a schoolmaster for the .70m-1.0m classes, welcoming Landadel to the KJSH page. Seeks exceptional home from which to enjoy yet another winning season.
  • 11.11.19: Another fantastic jumper added to the KJSH page! Welcoming Admiral de Leurven, this 9 y.o. son of Lux Z is a stellar confidence builder for the 1.10m-1.30m classes & an extraordinarily nice horse to move up on.
  • 10.2.19: Several great updates for the KJSH page! Welcoming new listing Oscarino di Cantero, this flashy youngster has big jumper scope & a super easy-going Big Eq mind. Currently showing clean through 1.20m & ready to finish your way. We also congratulate Indie Martin S on several recent successful show outings that won 3' division tricolors for both kids & adults, check out his stellar new photo. And Super Star Maserati & his young rider have made an outstanding move up to the High Childrens Jumpers, winning divisions & classics & placing well at the Zone 2 HOTY Championships. This amazing large pony handled the combos with ease, check out his seriously fun new video.
  • 8.27.19: Darling new 3'3" Green Hunter video posted for Indie Martin S and new show photos on the way. Also showing the 3' with both kids & adults, Indie was Champion 3' PEL Hunter & Reserve Champion 3' Adult Amateur Hunter (+ hack winner) last week at Princeton August.
  • 8.14.19: Welcome new 5 y.o. Holsteiner gelding Cartier & his potential to be the latest in an increasingly long line of top horses that claim their career start at KJSH. This exquisite young hunter is the whole package, right down to his lovely jr/am brain, and will thrill anyone seeking fresh new talent for the 3' Greens at 2020 WEF.

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MVP available for lease. Took rider from .70m to 1.10m in 2019 and won nearly every division & classic entered, including huge double-digit classes at Princeton. Gentleman teacher & always gets safely across the jumps. Great motor + fantastic step + excellent impulsion for a confidence-building experience at every distance. Also has top-notch flatwork & excels at turning out a correct & connected rider. Steps up his enthusiasm at shows but always remains obedient to the bridle and can be hacked by any level rider at home. No spook, no prep, and never hot or silly. A consummate professional & should be honored as such. Seeking perfect home for 1.0m or lower lease.

    • 2002 15.3h Hanoverian Gelding
    • Barn Name: Landadel
    • Showing in: Low Ch/AA Jumpers
    • Type: Jumper
    • Lease Price Range: $20k or less/yr
    • Imported 2008. X-rays Available.
  • Career Highlights:

    2019 Season Results:

    Champion Low Ch/AA Jumper, 21 entries; Winner Low Ch/AA Jumper Classic, 15 entries ~ 2019 Princeton Finale

    Champion Low Ch/AA Jumper, 24 entries; Winner Low Ch/AA Jumper Classic, 20 entries ~ 2019 Princeton Show Jumping

    Champion Low Ch/AA Jumper, 22 entries ~ 2019 Princeton June II

    Champion Low Ch/AA Jumper, 18 entreis ~ 2019 Princeton June I

    Champion .90m Jumpers ~ 2019 Princeton May 2

    Champion .90m Jumpers ~ 2019 Princeton Spring II

    Champion .90m Jumpers ~ 2019 Princeton Spring Classic

    Champion .80m Jumpers ~ 2019 Four Seasons April I

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  • Landadel-jumper-2
  • Landadel-jumper
2002 15.3h Hanoverian Gelding
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Admiral de Leurven

Admiral de Leurven

Great confidence builder whose incredible breeding & superb style are topped only by his genuinely honest nature. Imported in 2018 & already successful from High Childrens to Low Juniors with different riders. Knows his job well, doesn’t mind taking care of his rider, and always finds his way across the jump. Turns great, easily leaves out the step, and can teach anyone to ride like a winner. Super brave, sweet & easy + stellar technique that won a 3 y.o. Championship in France. Gorgeous to look at and an exceptionally nice horse for any 1.10m-1.30m goal.

    • 2010 16.3h Selle Francais Gelding
    • Barn Name: Admiral
    • Sire: Lux Z
    • Showing in: Ch/AA & 1.20m-1.30m Jr/AO Jumpers
    • Type: Jumper
    • Sale Price Range: $80,000 - $100,000
    • Lease Price Range: $20k - $40k/yr
    • Imported 2018. X-rays Available.
  • Career Highlights:

    Winner 1.10m Jr/Am Jumpers, 37 entries; 5th of 37, $5000 1.10m Jr/Am Championship ~ 2019 Canadian Show Jumping Tournament

    9th of 27, $3000 1.20m Jr/Am Stake ~ 2019 Autumn Classic

    6th of 27, 1.20m Jr/Am Jumpers ~ 2019 The National CSI**

    2nd of 28, $1000 1.10m Jr/Am Classic ~ 2019 The International CSI**

    2nd of 20, 1.05m Training Jumper; 7th of 40, PEL High Ch/AA Jumpers; 9th of 52, 1.10m Jumpers ~ 2019 Princeton Summer Classic

    7th of 20, 1.05m Jumpers; 10th of 43, 1.10m Jumpers ~ 2019 Princeton Classic Preview

Admiral de Leurven Lux Z Lord Calando Lord
Apocalyptez Ahorn Z
Everest L'Enchante Le Tot de Semilly Grand Veneur
Venue du Tot
Soyeuse IV Count Ivor XX
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  • Admiral-jumper-1
  • Admiral-jumper-2
  • Admiral-jumper-model
2010 16.3h Selle Francais Gelding by Lux Z
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Oscarino di Cantero

Oscarino di Cantero

Talented young jumper that already rides like a much older horse. Safe & steady, 100% agreeable, and absolutely no spook. Fantastic rhythm + big elastic step & tons of flashy appeal.  Happily jumps the water with plenty of scope for a big jumper career and the perfect brain for the equitation. Young but true-blue & jumping clean rounds through 1.20m. Brave everywhere, zero bad habits anywhere, and always a delight to work with. Continued pro training is ideal but very well-suited for a jr/am to help finish.

    • 2014 16.2h Belgian Gelding
    • Barn Name: Oscarino
    • Sire: Castelino van de Halle
    • Showing in: Young Jumpers; 1.10m-1.20m Open Jumpers; Low Ch/AA Jumpers
    • Type: Jumper, Equitation
    • Sale Price Range: $80,000 - $100,000
    • Imported 2019. X-rays Available.
  • Career Highlights:

    Clean & 1st both rounds, 1.15m 5 y.o. Jumpers at 2019 Devon Fall Classic
    Also showed in the Low Adult Jumper Zone Championship

    Additional miles & ribbons to 1.20m in 2019

Oscarino di Cantero Castelino van de Halle Cassini I Capitol I
High Lady Landgraf 1
Folies Bergeres Contact van den Heffinck Concept
Ms Franziska
Ucrece de Cheux Muguet du Manoir
Nymphe de Cheux
(click image to view larger)
  • Oscar-jumper-1
  • Oscar-jumper-2
2014 16.2h Belgian Gelding by Castelino van de Halle
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Indie Martin S

Indie Martin S

Old soul type for jr/ams seeking top hunter talent & one of the most bombproof youngsters you’ll find. Currently winning for kids & adults in the 3’ Hunters and showing with no prep, longe, earplugs or supplements. Huge step & plenty of 3’9”+ scope from his impressive Dallas VDL x Voltaire pedigree. Travels naturally like a hunter, carries his own smooth pace, and jumps in great form. Also rides bareback with a halter & loves going out on trails. Adores clementines, cuddling, and his rubber chicken. Tons of show horse quality all wrapped up in a lovable pocket-pet package.

    • 2013 15.3h Dutch Warmblood Gelding
    • Barn Name: Martin
    • Sire: Dallas VDL
    • Showing in: Adult Hunters, 3' Derbies, Eligible Green
    • Type: Hunter, Hunter Prospect, Equitation Prospect
    • Sale Price Range: $60,000 - $80,000
    • Imported 2018. X-rays Available.
  • Career Highlights:

    Champion 3' PEL Suitable Hunter ~ 2019 Princeton Show Jumping Championship

    Champion 3' PEL Hunters & Reserve Champion 3' Adult Amateur Hunter & Winner U/S ~ 2019 Princeton Show Jumping August

    Winner U/S & Ribbons O/F Adult Amateur Hunters; 5th, 3' Hunter Derby ~ 2019 Princeton Show Jumping May

    Reserve Champion USHJA 2'9" Hunter ~ 2019 Princeton Spring II

    3rd, 4th & 8th of 12, 2'9" USHJA Hunters ~ 2019 Princeton Spring I

    Ribbons Hopeful Hunters with Amateur Rider ~ 2019 Four Seasons April

Indie Martin S Dallas VDL Douglas Darco
Fiona M
Wonder A.S. Heart Breaker
Lou Lou S Voltaire Furioso II
Gogo Moeve
Alexis Lucky Boy xx
(click image to view larger)
  • Indie-hunter-derby
  • Indie-hunter-derby-2
  • Indie-amateur-hunter
  • Indie-hunter-2
  • Indie-hunter-1
  • Indie-hunter
  • Indie-hunter-model
2013 15.3h Dutch Warmblood Gelding by Dallas VDL
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Dynamite pony for future stars of the jumper ring; tons of step, show miles through 1.20m, and plenty of scope for the jumpers at Pony Finals. Took beginner from x-bars to High Childrens and is consistently winning 1.10m & 1.15m classes. Safe and game with an awesome ears-up, point-&-shoot style. Very pretty mover and can play in the Childrens Pony Hunters or division Larges if needed. Zero spook, buck, or play and doesn’t have to school the jumps. Happy to play dress up, go bareback, trial ride, and do all the other “first pony” things. Sweet & lovable & never naughty. Shown and handled from start to finish by kids.

    • 2006 14.1h German Riding Pony Gelding
    • Barn Name: Titan
    • Sire: Wedderlie Mardi Gras
    • Showing in: High Ch/AA Jumpers & Pony Jumpers
    • Type: Jumper, Pony
    • Lease Price Range: $20k - $40k/yr
  • Career Highlights:

    Winner Rd. 1 $1000 1.10m High Ch/AA Jumper Cup, 16 entries ~ 2019 Princeton September

    5th of 17, $3000 Zone 2 HOTY Championships 1.15m Childrens Jumper ~ 2019 Devon Fall Classic

    Champion 1.10m High Ch/AA Jumper; Reserve Champion 1.05m Jumper; 2nd of 14, NAL/WIHS/M&S High Ch/AA Jumper Classic ~ 2019 Princeton August

    Champion 1.10m High Ch/AA Jumper & Winner NAL/WIHS/M&S High Ch/AA Jumper Classic, 43 entries ~ 2019 Princeton Summer Classic

    Champion 1.10m High Ch/AA Jumper, swept division ~ 2019 Princeton Classic Preview

    2nd of 16, NAL/WIHS/M&S 1.10m High Ch/AA Jumper Classic; 3rd of 24, 1.10m High Ch/AA Jumpers ~ 2019 Princeton June Qualifier II

    2nd, M&S/NAL/WIHS High Childrens Jumper Classic ~ 2019 Briarwood at Princeton Show Jumping

    Winner 1.05m Jumpers, 24 entries ~ 2019 Princeton Show Jumping May

    Reserve Champion 1.05m Training Jumper, 15 entries ~ 2019 Princeton Spring Classic II

    Reserve Champion High Schooling Jumper ~ 2019 Four Seasons April

    Champion PEL Low Ch/AA Jumper Finals - Swept Division, 19-25 entries ~ 2018 Princeton Fall Classic II

    7th, $3500 Low Ch/AA Jumper Classic, 17 entries ~ 2018 M&S Finals

    2nd, 2nd & 5th, 1.0m Low Ch/AA Jumpers ~ HITS on the Hudson VI

    Champion .90m Jumper ~ 2018 The Princeton Classic

    Reserve Champion .90m Jumper, 21 entries; Winner 1.0m Jumpers I & II ~ 2018 Princeton Show Jumping June

    Champion .90m Low Ch/AA Jumper, 16 entries ~ 2018 Middlesex County

    Winner & Reserve Champion 1.05m Jumpers, 13 entries ~ 2018 Briarwood at PSJ

    Ribbons Low Ch/AA Jumpers ~ 2018 Four Seasons April

    Winner Level 1 NJPHA Jumpers II & III ~ 2018 Baymar Farms

    Winner Low Schooling Jumpers & Ribbons Low Ch/AA Jumpers ~ 2017 Woodedge Stables November

    Winner + Ribbons Low Ch/AA Jumpers ~ 2017 HITS on the Hudson VII

    Winner .90m Jumpers; Winner 1.0m Jumpers (2x) ~ 2017 Princeton Show Jumping August II

    Winner Mod. Ch/AA Jumper Classic, 31 entries ~ 2017 HITS on the Hudson

    Reserve Champion Low Ch/AA Jumper; Reserve Champion Pre-Ch/AA Jumper ~ 2017 Princeton June III

    2nd & 3rd, Low Ch/AA Jumpers ~ 2017 Princeton June II

    Champion .90m Jumper ~ 2017 The Ridge at Riverview Spring I

    Winner 2'9" Jumper, 18 entries ~ 2017 The Ridge at Riverview May Schooling

    Winner .75m Jumpers; Winner .85m Jumpers ~ 2017 Snowbird March II

    Winner Pre-Ch/AA .90m Jumpers; Winner .75m Jumpers ~ 2017 CJL Farm

    Winner Academy Pre-Ch/AA Jumpers ~ 2016 Woodedge November A

    Champion Level 0 Jumper ~ 2016 CJL October

    3rd of 18, Low Ch/AA Jumpers ~ 2016 Princeton Show Jumping Finals

    Champion .65m Jumper; Champion .80m Jumper ~ 2016 HITS on the Hudson IV

    Champion Itty Bitty .70m Jumper ~ 2016 Hunterdon County I

    Champion Itty Bitty .70m Jumper ~ 2016 Middlesex County

    Winner & 2nd Itty Bitty .70m Jumpers ~ 2016 CJL May

Maserati Wedderlie Mardi Gras Eyarth Beau Geste Boston Bentick
Eyarth Zsa Zsa
Wedderlie Marianne Mybella Victor
Wedderlie Marina
Mata Hari (OLD) Manhatten (OLD) Finesse
Idealiste (OLD) Ideal
Smokey Storm
(click image to view larger)
  • Maserati-pony-jumper-devon
  • Maserati-pony-jumper-new1
  • Maserati-pony-jumper-1
  • Maserati-pony-jumper-3
  • Maserati-pony-jumper
  • Maserati-pony-jumper-2
2006 14.1h German Riding Pony Gelding by Wedderlie Mardi Gras

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