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Located in Lexington, KY. Fly into Lexington (LEX), Louisville (SDF), Cincinnati (CMH).

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Diana Conlon
Lexington, KY
Fly into Lexington (LEX), Louisville (SDF), Cincinnati (CMH)

Latest Updates

  • 8.19.20: We have both old favorites + new faces in this update! Welcoming 2'6"-3' hunters Can Do & Fabio Capello back from lease, and introducing new listings Red Bluff & Amaze Me. These 2 talents have just started their 3' Green years & are outstanding candidates for the future.
  • 1.13.20: Welcoming new listing Nakiska! Excellent experience for the inexperienced + plenty of scope for the advanced rider to enjoy. Will attend WEC Winter 10 & 11 along with the rest of the OHS sale horses, message Diana today to schedule your trial.
  • 12.30.19: Congratulations Rocky Rules: Champion Adult Hunter + Hack Winner & Reserve Champion 3' Green Hunter at WEC Winter Classic #3 - new photo & videos posted. 2020 is already looking very bright for this talented young hunter!
  • 11.11.19: 3' Hunter & Eq veteran DeVito is back from another successful lease and ready to meet his 2020 partner. Message Diana for trials and ask about availability at the World Equestrian Center series this winter.
  • 9.25.19: Welcoming recent additions that cover the entire hunter spectrum! Seeking a great-moving Jr/AO Hunter prospect that will be ready for 3'6" by 2020? Check out brand new import Rocky Rules. Need a cute do-gooder with a huge record of show experience? Meet 10 y.o. Ch/AA & 3'3" Jr/AO Hunter Caio, he posts a huge resume of proven success including ribbons at WEF.

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Fabio Capello

Fabio Capello

Top choice for a budding equitation rider coming up the entry-level ranks. Huge equitation resume from Kentucky to Capital Challenge & now winning in the 3’ Childrens Hunters. Offers top-notch experience, excellent flatwork, and plenty of style. Very fun & comfortable to ride & equally great for a nervous amateur. Not spooky to the jumps and has an excellent lead change. Will dominate the 2’6”-3’ Medals and win plenty in the hunter ring.

    • 2007 16.3 3/4h Oldenburg Gelding
    • Barn Name: Fabi
    • Sire: Fidertanz
    • Type: Hunter
    • Sale Price Range: $60,000 - $80,000
    • Lease Price Range: $20k - $40k/yr
    • Imported 2012.
  • Career Highlights:

    2nd, 2nd, 6th& 7th, Mod. Childrens Hunters ~ 2020 Texas Shoot Out

    Champion Childrens Hunter & Classic Winner ~ 2019 Texas Rose Classic

    Ribbons 3' USHJA Hunters, 22+ entries ~ 2019 WEC Winter Classics 11 & 12

    Wins & Ribbons 3'3"-3'6" Equitation & Medals ~ 2018 Midwest Indoors

    Wins & Ribbons 3'3"-3'6" Equitation & Medals ~ 2018 Brownland Farm Autumn

    Reserve Champion 3'3" Junior Hunter; Winner 3'3" 15-17 Equitation O/F; 9th, USHJA National Hunter Derby ~ 2018 September Country Heir

    Wins & Ribbons 3'3" Junior Hunters ~ 2018 Great Lakes Equestrian Festival

    Reserve Champion 3'3" 15-17 Equitation ~ 2018 Brave Horse II

    Reserve Champion Intermediate Childrens Equitation, 25 entries ~ 2017 Midwest Indoors II

    Winner USEF Medal; Winner USHJA 3'3" Medal ~ 2017 Robert Murphy Horse Show

    2nd of 18 & 7th of 17 O/F, 15-17 Equitation ~ 2017 Country Heir KY II

    Winner WIHS Overall; Winner WIHS Jumper Phase; 2nd, USHJA 3'3" Medal; 4th, ASPCA Maclay; 5th; USEF Medal ~ 2017 Country Heir April

    Reserve Champion 15-17 Equitation; 2nd, ASPCA Maclay; 2nd, USHJA 3'3" Medal; 3rd, THIS Childrens Medal ~ 2017 Country Heir March

    Winner OHJA Medal; 2nd, ASPCA Maclay ~ 2017 WEC Winter Classic III

    Reserve Champion 15-17 Equitation ~ 2017 Country Heir February

    Many additional equitation & medal ribbons at 2017 Kentucky Summer Classic, Country Heir Kentucky, Kentucky Spring

    Competed 2016 North American Junior Equitation Championship at Capital Challenge

    Winner ASPCA Maclay, 15 entries; Winner 15-17 Equitation O/F, 10 entries; 2nd of 14, USEF Medal; 2nd, WIHS Overall ~ 2016 Atlanta Fall Classic I

    Wnner ASPCA Maclay; 2nd, WIHS Hunter Phase ~ 2016 Brownland Farm Fall I

    Winner ASPCA Maclay, 17 entries; 2nd, USHJA 3'3" Medal; 2nd & 3rd, 15-17 Equitation ~ 2016 KHJA Annual

    Winner WIHS Overall; Winner WIHS Hunter Phase, 2nd, ASPCA Maclay; 2nd, USEF Medal ~ 2016 Brownland Farm Summer

    Winner 15-17 Equitation Flat & O/F ~ 2016 Showtime Summer Classic

    Winner 15-17 Equitation Flat, 19 entries; 4th of 17, 15-17 Equitation O/F; 6th of 26, ASPCA Maclay ~ 2016 Country Heir KY II

    Winner THIS Childrens Medal; 2nd, ASPCA Maclay; 3rd, USEF Medal ~ 2016 Nashville Classic

    Winner 15-17 Equitation Flat & O/F; Winner THIS Childrens Medal~ 2016 Nashville Country

    Winner THIS Childrens Medal, 15 entries ~ 2016 Kentucky Spring Classic

    Winner THIS Childrens Medal ~ 2016 Queenie Productions Winter Festival III

    Winner USEF Medal; Winner & Ribbons Large Junior Hunters ~ 2016 Queenie Productions Winter Festival I

    Reserve Champion Large Junior Hunter ~ 2015 Country Heir September

    Winner 15-17 Equitation & Ribbons 3'3" Junior Hunters ~ 2015 KHJA Annual

    Winner 15-17 Equitation & Ribbon 3'3" Junior Hunter ~ 2015 Kentucky Summer Classic

    Additional Junior Hunter ribbons at 2015 Tryon Fall, Kentucky National, Robert Murphy Stable, Country Heir Kentucky I & II, Nashville Classic, Country Heir Winter Series

Fabio Capello Fidertanz Fidermark I Florestan I
Reine Freude Ravallo
Heidetraum Londonderry Lauries Crusador XX
Windsor Queen
Heidmarie Weltmeyer
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  • Fabi-equitation
  • Fabi-equitation-2
2007 16.3 3/4h Oldenburg Gelding by Fidertanz
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Can Do

Can Do

Adorable 2’6”-3’ Hunter that’s simple enough for a novice moving up. Good junior miles since arriving to the States in 2018 with wins through the 3’3” Junior Hunters but prefers to be an uber-fancy specialist for the Ch/AA classes. Beautiful mover with a great canter and a darling jump. Quiet but not lazy and not spooky. Super ring appeal & perfect for new riders moving up on tough circuits.

    • 2011 16h Holsteiner Gelding
    • Barn Name: Can Do
    • Sire: Casall
    • Showing in: Childrens Hunters
    • Type: Hunter
    • Sale Price Range: $60,000 - $80,000
    • Lease Price Range: $20k - $40k/yr
    • Imported 2018.
  • Career Highlights:

    Childrens Hunter ribbons at 2020 Kentucky Summer

    Qualified 2019 USEF Junior Hunter Finals ~ 3'3" Junior Hunters

    Reserve Champion 3'3" Junior Hunter & Reserve Champion 3'3" Performance Hunter ~ 2019 September Country Heir

    Champion 3'3" Junior Hunter & Winner U/S ~ 2019 WEC Summer III

    Champion 3'3" Performance Hunter & Winner U/S ~ 2019 WEC July I

    Reserve Champion Childrens Equitation ~ 2019 WEC Winter 16

    Champion 3'3" Junior Hunter (won 4 of 5 classes, 10 entries) & Winner 3'3" Junior Hunter Classic ~ 2019 WEC Winter 14

    Top ribbons 3'3" Junior Hunters, 3'3" Green Hunters, 3' USHJA Hunters ~ 2019 WEC Winter Classic 4

    Ribbons O/F & U/S, 3' Green Hunters, 11-14 entries ~ 2018 Midwest Indoors II

Can Do Casall Caretino Caletto II
Kira XVII Lavall I
Ipanema Carolus I Capitol I
Lorettchen Royal Wash XX
(click image to view larger)
  • Cando-holsteiner-hunter
2011 16h Holsteiner Gelding by Casall
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Red Bluff

Red Bluff

Freshly imported & already demonstrating a tremendous amount of potential. Jumped around KY Horse Park 2 weeks after landing then put in outstanding performances at WEC Summer to be Reserve Champion 3’ Green Hunter & 5th of 30+ in the National Derby. Jumped all the high options & never scored below 80 all week. Natural athlete + huge step + great desire to jump & really doesn’t need much assistance getting around the ring. Takes everything in stride & never spooky. Simple enough for jr/ams, talented enough for pros, nice enough to campaign in the best of company.

    • 2014 16.2h Holsteiner Gelding
    • Barn Name: James
    • Sire: Clarcon
    • Showing in: 3' Green Hunters & National Hunter Derbies
    • Type: Hunter, Equitation Prospect
    • Sale Price Range: $80,000 - $100,000
    • Imported July 2020. X-rays Available.
  • Career Highlights:

    Reserve Champion 3' Green Hunter & 5th of 32, USHJA National Hunter Derby ~ 2020 WEC Summer III

Red Bluff Clarcon Casall Ask Caretino
Tassina Cassini I
Naomi XXIX
Walli Canto Canturo
Bangossi F Athlet Z
(click image to view larger)
  • James-hunter-1
  • James-hunter-2
2014 16.2h Holsteiner Gelding by Clarcon
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Amaze Me

Amaze Me

All the step, all the scope, and all the style to go all the way. Still new to showing but handles everything with professionalism & needs very little preparation for the ring. Bravely jumps around & has never thought to stop. Improves in every outing & currently winning good 3’ Green Hunter ribbons in double-digit company. Chock full of promise & also proving to be a terrific student. Super sweet in the barn & should come along easily in a quality program.

    • 2014 16.2h Dutch Warmblood Gelding
    • Barn Name: Red
    • Sire: Quaterback
    • Showing in: 3' Green Hunters
    • Type: Hunter
    • Sale Price Range: $60,000 - $80,000
    • Imported 2019. X-rays Available.
  • Career Highlights:

    3' Green Hunter ribbons at 2020 World Equestrian Center series + light Baby Green Hunter miles in 2019

Amaze Me Quaterback Quaterman I Quando-Quando
Passionata Brandenburger
Wirbelwind 118 Weonberg Weinhang
Reudina Rokoko
(click image to view larger)
  • Amazeme-hunter
2014 16.2h Dutch Warmblood Gelding by Quaterback
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Fantastic jumper for novice or advanced riders. Successful through Regional Grand Prix with a professional while owner went from .75m-1.25m & can go in any directon. Brave, forgiving & uncomplicated. Steps up beautifully for the experienced rider but also respects a loopy-reined novice & helps out as needed. Proven teacher with all the right experience including consistent success across the midwest & Florida since 2015. Easy to manage for any level of performance & an exceptional horse to have in the barn.

    • 2009 16.2h Holsteiner Gelding
    • Barn Name: Niko
    • Sire: Quirado
    • Showing in: Ch/AA-1.30m Jumpers
    • Type: Jumper
    • Sale Price Range: $100,000 - $150,000
    • Imported 2014.
  • Career Highlights:

    Ribbons 1.25m & 1.30m Jumpers ~ 2020 WEC Winter 3

    Reserve Champion 1.25m Jumper ~ 2019 WEC Fall III

    Reserve Champion 1.20m Jumper ~ 2019 WEC Fall II

    Champion Training Jumper & Reserve Champion Hopeful Jumper ~ 2019 Nashville Country

    Champion 1.0m Jumper & Champion .90m Jumper ~ 2019 Showplace Spring Classic I

    8th of 54, Low Childrens Jumpers ~ 2019 WEF 7

    Champion 1.05m Jumper ~ 2019 Venice Equestrian Tour V

    Winner NAL/WIHS Childrens Jumper Classic; Winner 1.10m Childrens Jumpers ~ 2019 WEC Winter 2

    Champion Low Training Jumper & Reserve Champion Low Childrens Jumpers ~ 2019 Queenie Productions Winter I

    Consistent 1.20m-1.30m Jumper ribbons in 2018 at World Equestrian Center, HITS Chicago, Lamplight, Kentucky & Traverse City

    Successfully showed through 1.40m and in the Mod.-Low Childrens in 2017

    Many more consistent results in both the jr/am & professional rings, including Reg. Grand Prix ribbons, through his 6 y.o. Jumper year in 2015

Nakiska Quirado Quidam de Revel Jalisco B
Nessaya Corrado I
Alexis H
Valencia IV Clearway Capitol I
Wodka II
Luna Alexis Z
Virginia IV
(click image to view larger)
  • Niko-jumper-1
  • Niko-jumper-2
  • Niko-jumper-3
2009 16.2h Holsteiner Gelding by Quirado
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Sweet and loveable young hunter you can already put anybody on. Currently showing 3’ Green & Adult Amateurs with 2020 wins this winter. Great style and easy lead changes. Very simple, straightforward, and brave to the jumps. Plenty of step but little motivation to get anywhere too quickly. Amateur-friendly in every way and a delightful youngster that’s perfect for a jr/am to help finish.

    • 2014 16.2h Westphalian Gelding
    • Barn Name: Keegan
    • Sire: Clinton
    • Showing in: 3' Green & Adult Hunters
    • Type: Hunter, Hunter Prospect, Equitation Prospect
    • Sale Price Range: $60,000 - $80,000
    • X-rays Available.
  • Career Highlights:

    Winner & Ribbons Adult Amateur Hunters ~ 2020 WEC Winter 3

    Many additional Green & Baby Green Hunter ribbons in 2019

    2nd, 3rd, 3rd, 4th & 4th, 3' Green Hunters ~ 2019 WEC Winter Classic 3

    4th, 5th, 6th & 6th of 18, Baby Green Hunters ~ 2019 Kentucky Summer Classic

    5th & 7th of 25, Baby Green Hunters ~ 2019 Country Heir II

Evanesco Clinton
Sunshine Sandro
(click image to view larger)
  • Keegan-westphalian-model
2014 16.2h Westphalian Gelding by Clinton

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