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Latest Updates

  • 7.6.19: Stonehaven continues their strong 2019 season with great performances at Upperville including top 3'3" Performance Hunter ribbons out of 20 for Tallyman. Both he and Junior Hunter Finals qualified Macallan have new show videos.
  • 5.21.19: Super series at Aiken Charity for Stonehaven's Conella I! Back-to-back Reserve Champion out of 21 & 24 horses & Series Champion for the 1.30m Open Jumper division. Check out the great new photo added to her already fabulous photo collection.
  • 4.11.19: Stonehaven returned to Ocala for a very successful week at the HITS Championship including a division championship in the 3'3" Large Junior Hunters for Macallan, which successfully qualifies him for 2019 Junior Hunter Finals. Now the team's in Tryon for the fourth week of the Welcome series, and Tallyman has taken the reserve championship in the 3'6" Green Hunters while Conella is jumping double clears and pinning Top 3 in the Open 1.30m Jumpers. Congrats to all & check out their newly updated Spring show schedule.
  • 2.22.19: Great two weeks in Ocala for Stonehaven with new photos, videos & results for Macallan, Conella I & Tallyman, who debuted the 3'3" Greens with wins & tricolors. Macallan also stepped up to the 3'6" Performance Hunters and earned top ribbons in his 3'3" Large Junior Hunter debut. Congratulations to all!
  • 1.30.19: Welcoming two lovely new listings, jumper schoolmaster Cara Mia Z and the beautiful jr/am hunter Tallyman. We also welcome USEF Medal Finals veteran Coretta back from lease, with another great season of Big Eq experience to offer.

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Tallyman has everything you’re looking for in a quality show hunter. He’s brave, scopey, jumps in spectacular form, moves beautifully and is striking to look at. He will happily pack around in the 2’6” ring or could step into the 3’6” and derbies tomorrow. He has a wonderful rhythmic canter and an auto lead change and is very handy. He is the real deal for any junior or amateur who would like a reliable, competitive mount or a professional looking to bring a super quality horse through the ranks.

    • 2009 15.3h Swedish Warmblood Gelding
    • Barn Name: Sailor
    • Sire: Cyrano de Bergerac
    • Showing in: Green & Performance Hunters
    • Type: Hunter
    • Sale Price Range: Over $150,000
    • Imported 2018.
  • Career Highlights:

    2nd of 20, 3'3" Performance Hunter Handy; 3rd of 20, 3'3" Performance Hunters O/F ~ 2019 Upperville

    Reserve Champion 3'6" Green Hunter ~ 2019 Tryon Welcome 4

    2nd, 2nd, 3rd & 6th of 23, 3'3" Green Hunters ~ 2019 HITS Ocala Winter Classic

    Champion 3'3" Green Hunter, won 3/4 O/F ~ 2019 HITS Ocala Premiere

    Top ribbons in the 3' Greens at 2018 Aiken Fall Classic

Tallyman Cyrano de Bergerac Coriano Corrado I
Romanze Ricardo
Corina Raa Cardento Capitol I
Sweet Mollie xx Moulin xx
Sweet Doll xx
(click image to view larger)
  • Tallyman-amateur-hunter
  • Tallyman-reschamp-3-6greenhunters-tryon
  • Tally-swedishwb-hunter
2009 15.3h Swedish Warmblood Gelding by Cyrano de Bergerac
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Cara Mia Z

Cara Mia Z

Cara Mia Z is a beautiful KWPN mare who aims to please. She has a huge step, is super brave and is a dream to ride and teach on! Z will happily pack around the smaller jumpers but doubles as a competitive junior/amateur jumper or equitation mount. She is straightforward and consistent. Z is big bodied and very comfortable to ride. She has wonderful balance and great rideability. She is the perfect horse for riders looking for a sweet, reliable mount to show and have fun on. She’s definitely a barn favorite!

    • 2007 17h Dutch Warmblood Mare
    • Barn Name: Z
    • Sire: Cracky Z
    • Showing in: Novice Jumpers, Ch/AA Jumnpers, 1.20m-1.30m Jumpers
    • Type: Jumper, Equitation, Equitation Prospect
    • Sale Price Range: $100,000 - $150,000
    • Lease Price Range: $60k - $80k/yr
    • Imported 2013.
  • Career Highlights:

    2nd of 19, 1.20m Open Jumpers ~ 2019 HITS Ocala Winter Classic

    Reserve Champion 1.15m Jumper, 14 entries ~ 2018 Tryon Fall V

    Several additional clear rounds & blue ribbons in 2018

    Winner 1.20m Open Jumpers, 16 entries ~ 2017 Tryon Summer 2

    2nd of 12, 1.30m Open Jumpers & 6th of 23, 1.20m Open Jumpers ~ 2017 Tryon May

    6th of 43, $2,500 M&S/NAL High Adult Jumper Classic

    Consistent Adult Jumper ribbons throughout 2017 HITS Ocala

Cara Mia Z Cracky Z Caretano Caretino
Raissa Z Ramiro Z
Alpha Z
Hamour Boreas Jasper
Amour Nabuur
(click image to view larger)
  • Caramiaz-kwpn-jumper
2007 17h Dutch Warmblood Mare by Cracky Z
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Cabalina is a gorgeous horse by Cabardino and out of a Rio Grande mare that loves to win! She has an enormous step with a beautiful jump. She is the hack winner in steel. She has an adorable expression that the judges love. Cabalina has a wealth of experience through the 3’6” and is currently showing and winning in the 3’3” divisions. She’s a push ride with an easy lead change and is extremely comfortable. This horse is ideal for someone wanting the hack winner that can bring them up through the ranks!

    • 2009 16.2h Canadian Warmblood Mare
    • Barn Name: Cabalina
    • Sire: Cabardino
    • Showing in: 2'6"-3'6" Hunters
    • Type: Hunter
    • Sale Price Range: Over $150,000
    • Imported 2016.
  • Career Highlights:

    2nd of 32 O/F & 3rd of 21 in Handy, 6th U/S 3'3" Performance Hunters ~ 2018 Kentucky Summer

    2nd, 2nd & 4th, 3'6" Performance Hunters ~ 2018 Tryon Summer 3

    Reserve Champion 3'3" Performance Hunters ~ 2018 Atlanta Summer Classic II

    Reserve Champion 3'3" Performance Hunter & Winner U/S, 18 entries ~ 2018 Tryon Welcome 3

    2nd of 19, Mod. Adult Hunter U/S; Ribbons out of 24+ 3'3" Performance Hunters & Hi-Low Hunters ~ 2018 HITS Ocala Winter Celebration

    Champion 3'3" Performance Hunter ~ 2017 Tryon Fall 2

    Reserve Champion Pre-Adult Hunter & Winner U/S ~ 2017 Tryon Fall 1

    Winner Low Adult Hunter U/S & Ribbon O/F, 22 entries ~ 2017 Great Lakes Equestrian Festival II

    Champion Low Adult Hunter, 22 entries ~ Great Lakes Equestrian Festival I

    Champion 3'3" Amateur Owner Hunter & Winner U/S ~ 2017 Tryon Summer 2

    Many additional 2016 wins & ribbons in the Pre-Adult Hunters

    Winner Green Hunter U/S & Ribbons O/F, 2016 Royal Winter Fair

    Extensive record of 3'6" Green (2016) & Pre-Green (2015) wins in Canada

Cabalina Cabardino Carpaccio Caretino
Bettina II
Klarina Gaspari I
Farina VI
Rio's Ravassa W Rio Grande Raphael
(click image to view larger)
  • Cabalina-hunter-2
  • Cabalina-champion
2009 16.2h Canadian Warmblood Mare by Cabardino
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Champion 3’3” Large Junior Hunter at HITS Ocala Championship & qualified 2019 USEF Junior Hunter Finals. Macallan is a super fun horse to ride and show. Cal has won in the 3’3” Junior Hunters and is eligible for his First Year Green. He has an incredibly striking presence and is very comfortable to ride. He is a great horse to show in the National Derbies and is ready to go in the Children’s or Adult Hunters or the Junior/Amateurs.

    • 2010 16.3h Oldenburg Gelding
    • Barn Name: Cal
    • Sire: Stalypso
    • Showing in: Adult Amateur Hunters
    • Type: Hunter
    • Sale Price Range: $100,000 - $150,000
    • Imported 2015.
  • Career Highlights:

    Qualified 2019 USEF Junior Hunter Finals ~ 3'3" Large Junior Hunters

    2nd, 3rd, 3rd, 6th & 6th, 3'6" Green Hunters ~ 2019 Tryon Welcome 4

    Champion 3'3" Large Junior Hunter 16-17 ~ 2019 HITS Ocala Championship

    Ribbons 3'6" Performance Hunters ~ 2019 HITS Ocala Winter Classic

    2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th & 7th, 3'3" Large Junior Hunters ~ 2019 HITS Ocala Premiere

    2nd, USHJA National Hunter Derby ~ 2018 Tryon Welcome 3

    3'3" Performance Hunter ribbons in 2018 at HITS Ocala, Venice Equestrian Tour, Tryon Welcome & Spring, Atlanta Summer & Kentucky Summer

    Winner 3'3" Performance Hunters O/F I & II ~ 2017 Tryon Fall I

    Ribbons 3'3" AO Hunters & 4th Combined Amateur Hunter Classic ~ Great Lakes Equestrian Festival I

    Reserve Champion Adult Hunter & Reserve Champion 3' USHJA Hunter ~ 2017 Tryon May

    Champion Ch/AA Hunter, Winner U/S, Winner NAL/WIHS Ch/AA Hunter Classic ~ 2017 Tryon Spring 3

    Champion Baby Green Hunter ~ 2017 Venice Equestrian Tour IV

    2016 Adult Hunter &/or Pre-Green Hunter prizes at Pin Oak Charity, Spring Gathering, Country Heir, Blue Grass Festival, KHJA Annual, Final Chase

Macallan Stalypso Stakkato Spartan
St.Pr.St. Caracalla II Calypso II
D-Pico Bello Caretino
(click image to view larger)
  • Macallan-hunter-3
  • Macallan-hunter-2
  • Macallan-hunter
2010 16.3h Oldenburg Gelding by Stalypso
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Conella I

Conella I

Conella I is an incredibly talented mare by Connor and out of a Capitol I daughter that’s currently showing in the 1.35-1.40m jumper classes and displaying potential for much more. Conella is brave, adjustable, scopey and amateur friendly! Conella will make a great horse for the High Junior/Amateur Jumper Divisions and Grand Prix.

    • 2010 16.3h Holsteiner Mare
    • Barn Name: Conella
    • Sire: Connor
    • Showing in: 1.30m-1.40m Jumpers
    • Type: Jumper
    • Sale Price Range: Over $150,000
    • Imported 2015.
  • Career Highlights:

    Series Champion 1.30m Open Jumper ~ 2019 Aiken Charity

    Reserve Champion 1.30m Jumper, 21 entries ~ 2019 Aiken Charity II

    Reserve Champion 1.30m Jumper, 24 entries ~ 2019 Aiken Charity I

    3rd of 15 & 5th of 16, 1.30m Open Jumpers ~ 2019 Tryon Welcome 4

    7th of 47, $1000 1.30m Open Jumpers ~ 2019 HITS Ocala Championship

    Ribbons 1.30m & 1.40m Open Jumpers ~ 2019 HITS Ocala Premiere

    Reserve Champion 1.30m Jumper ~ 2018 Jump for the Children Benefit

    5th of 17, $1000 1.40m Open Jumper ~ 2018 Tryon Fall 4

    Reserve Champion 1.30m Jumper ~ 2018 Aiken Fall Festival

    2nd of 20 & 3rd of 19, 1.30m Open Jumpers ~ 2018 Blue Grass Festival

    3rd of 16, 1.20m Jumpers ~ 2018 Tryon Spring 4

    Reserve Champion 1.30m Jumper, 20 entries ~ 2018 Tryon Welcome 3

    8th of 30, 1.30m Jumpers ~ 2018 HITS Ocala Winter Celebration

    1.20m-1.30m ribbons in 2017 at Tryon & Duke Benefit

    7 y.o. Jumper ribbons in 2017 at Showpark Racing Festival, Showpark Summer Festival, Blenheim June Classics, Blenheim Spring & HITS Desert Circuit before sale to east coast

    2nd of 52, 1.20m Open Jumpers ~ 2016 Las Vegas National

Conella I Connor Casall Ask Caretino
Korrada S Cor de la Bryere
Geste Capitol I Capitano
Susi Flamingo
(click image to view larger)
  • Conella-2019aiken-serieschampion
  • Conella-jumper-2019ocala
  • Conella-jumper-1
  • Conella-jumper
  • Conella-jumper-2
  • Conella-jumper-3
  • Conella-jumper-conformation
  • Conella-2019aiken-serieschampion-2
2010 16.3h Holsteiner Mare by Connor
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Claiming the Blue

Claiming the Blue

Currently leased, please contact Stonehaven to be notified of future availability. Ava has a stunning presence, beautiful movement, and a phenomenal jump. She has a big stride and easy lead changes, and is both comfortable to ride and very brave to the jumps. She has shown successfully in the Baby Green Hunters, most recently winning three O/F to be Champion at her first outing in the division in Florida. She is straight-forward, willing, and uncomplicated. She was started correctly in a professional program and ready for finishing as a fantastic Ch/AA Hunter.

    • 2012 15.3h RPSI Mare
    • Barn Name: Ava
    • Showing in: Baby Green Hunters
    • Type: Hunter
    • Sale Price Range: $20,000 - $40,000
  • Career Highlights:

    Champion Baby Green Hunter ~ 2018 Venice Equestrian Tour II

    Competed and won on-the-line as a yearling

Claiming the Blue
(click image to view larger)
  • Blue-hunter
  • Blue-hunter-model
  • Blue-hunter-trot
2012 15.3h RPSI Mare
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Heart Breaker

Heart Breaker

Currently leased through August 2019, please contact Stonehaven to be notified of future availability. Buddy has a great record of wins for many junior, amateur, and professional riders. He is a cute mover and an exceptionally good jumper that has topped big Performance Hunter classes in company. He knows his job well and is a very enjoyable horse to work with, ride, and show. He is easy enough for a busy adult amateur to win with on weekends, and a very fancy partner for novices moving up.

    • 2004 16h Appendix Gelding
    • Barn Name: Buddy
    • Showing in: Adult Hunters
    • Type: Hunter
    • Sale Price Range: $20,000 - $40,000
  • Career Highlights:

    Winner Modified Ch/AA Hunter O/F I & II ~ 2016 Memphis in May

    Reserve Champion Childrens Hunter; Winner 12-14 Equitation O/F ~ 2016 Brownland Spring II

    Champion Childrens Hunter & Winner U/S ~ 2016 Springtime Encore

    Champion Childrens Hunter & Winner U/S ~ 2016 Sprintime in Dixie

    Winner + Ribbons Pre-Childrens Hunter O/F; Winner Pre-Ch/AA Equitation O/F ~ 2015 Harvest Time

    Reserve Champion Adult Amateur Hunters 18-35, 14 entries ~ 2015 Tryon Summer IV

    Winner 3'3" Performance Hunter Handy, 18 entries; 4th O/F & 3rd U/S ~ 2015 Tryon Summer III

    Winner 2'6" Pre-Adult Hunters + Ribbons ~ 2014 Charleston Summer Classic

    Champion Pre-Adult Hunter; Winner Pre-Adult Hunter Classic; Winner Pre-Adult Equitation ~ 2014 Atlanta Spring Challenge

    Champion Hopeful Hunter, 17 entries; Winner Special Hunters O/F, 15 entries ~ 2013 Atlanta Spring Classic

    Champion Pre-Adult Hunter; Champion Aiken County Hunter ~ 2013 March Madness

    Reserve Champion Pre-Adult Hunter & Classic Winner, 16 entries ~ 2012 Atlanta Fall Classic

    Champion Pre-Adult Opportunity Hunter & Classic Winner ~ 2011 Charleston Summer Classic

    Champion Pre-Adult Hunter; Reserve Champion Pre-Adult Equitation ~ 2011 Aiken Spring Classic Masters

    Grand Champion Pre-Green Hunter ~ 2011 Charleston Summer Classics

    Champion Pre-Green Hunter ~ 2011 Zone 4 Finals

    3rd of 25, USHJA National Hunter Classic ~ 2011 Charleston Summer Classic

    3rd of 20, USHJA National Hunter Classic ~ 2011 Aiken Fall Festival

    2011 Pre-Green Hunter Championships or Reserves at Atlanta Fall Classics I & II, Aiken Fall Festival, Charleston Summer Classics, Aiken Spring Classic Masters, CHP December Classic

Heart Breaker
(click image to view larger)
  • Buddy hunter
2004 16h Appendix Gelding

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