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Located in Oldwick, NJ. Fly into Newark (EWR).

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Morgan Rosenberg
Oldwick, NJ
Fly into Newark (EWR)

Latest Updates

  • 12.10.20: Price adjusted for the stunning La Vie en Rose! Seller has too many & this one is too nice to keep getting back-burnered. Scroll down to check out her enticing new mid-5-figure price tag. Also, welcoming the delightful Caracas Z. This beautiful & loudly dappled grey has great style & experience for a rising equitation rider getting serious in the 3'-3'3" medals.
  • 11.12.20: Welcoming two lovely new listings fresh off showing at Capital Challenge: Fancy junior hunter & equitation candidate Spot On and adorable small hunter Le Premier. Also, lots of great new photos have been posted for Dionysus, Vogue & Cen. More new horses coming soon, just waiting on media. Stay tuned!
  • 8.10.20: Welcoming two new listings to the Topline page! Both are newly arrived to the States & both are showing beautifully. Introducing up-&-coming Big Eq star Cassano as well as the uber versatile Vogue, who is already proving to be a bit of a jr/am wonder-horse. Also, check out gorgeous new video for Dionysus, who was Champion in the Adult Eq at NY Horse & Pony and also finished an impressive 4th of 58 entries in the National Hunter Derby.
  • 7.7.20: Topline is starting back up at Princeton Summer and already posting wins! Check out Catony Z's great new photo plus video of her winning trip in the 1.0m Jumpers.
  • 5.21.20: Topline is excited to welcome two new listings to their page & hopeful they will be in the show ring soon! Introducing Wadsworth Euro d'Hyrencourt, whose incredible resume is a boon for any up & coming hunter, jumper or equitation rider, and 8 y.o. Zangersheide mare Catony Z, who will thrill any competitive jr/am jumper rider seeking their next Jr/AO prospect.

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Caracas Z

Caracas Z

Delightful first serious show horse for riders stepping up to the 3’-3’3” classes. Easily switches between rings & can show competitively in all 3. Brave, forgiving, and adapts well to most riders. Also well-broke with a good mouth & wonderful for teaching new flatwork skills to developing riders. Solid history of .90m-1.05m Ch/AA Jumper & 2’6”-3’ Medal ribbons in the Northeast & a proven confidence builder. Sweet, kind, willing & not mare-ish. A beautiful gal & a very impressive debut equitation horse.

    • 2010 16h Zangersheide Mare
    • Barn Name: Calida
    • Sire: Collino Z
    • Showing in: 2'6"-3'3" Medals, Low Ch/AA Jumpers
    • Type: Hunter, Jumper, Equitation
    • Sale Price Range: $60,000 - $80,000
    • Imported 2017.
  • Career Highlights:

    Loads of ribbons in the .90m-1.05m Children's Jumper & 2'6"-3' Medals throughout the 2019 & 2020 seasons

Caracas Z Collino Z Carthago Capitol I
Colleen - Utopia Z Catango Z
Tzyganne SB Z T'is Voltaire D'O1 Voltaire
Erevrouw Amor
(click image to view larger)
  • Caracasz-model
  • Caracasz-jumper
  • Caracasz-portrait-2
2010 16h Zangersheide Mare by Collino Z
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Spot On

Spot On

Striking young hunter & equitation talent imported summer of 2020. Showed Capital Challenge with a 14 & Un. rider & jumped to scores in the 80s in both the 3’3” Greens & 3’3” Juniors + ribboned in the 3’6” Junior Eq. Very eye-catching with dark dapples, 3 tall whites, and a big pink-nosed blaze. Great canter + superb style at the jumps & could specialize in the hunters or equitation with equal success. Intended for a competitive home with experience finishing top talent. Excellent choice for a pro to simultaneously campaign in the Greens.

    • 2013 16.2h Hanoverian Gelding
    • Barn Name: Spotty
    • Sire: Coupe de Cour
    • Showing in: Green Hunters, Junior Hunters, Equitation
    • Type: Hunter, Equitation
    • Sale Price Range: Over $150,000
    • Imported 2020. X-rays Available.
  • Career Highlights:

    Scores in the 80s, 3'3" Green Hunters & 3'3" Junior Hunters; 8th, 3'6" Junior Equitation, 13-14 yrs ~ 2020 Capital Challenge

Spot On Coupe de Cour
Cassini I
(click image to view larger)
  • Spoton-hunter
  • Spoton-equitation
  • Spoton-model
2013 16.2h Hanoverian Gelding by Coupe de Cour
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Le Premier

Le Premier

Darling small hunter with good east coast Childrens Hunter ribbons & 3’ Green placings at 2020 Capital Challenge. Super fun to ride & a very brave jumper that carries just the right amount of motor. Stellar lead changes, lots of step & scope, and cute style over fences. Handy enough for the derbies or for doubling in the equitation and an A+ personality in the barn. Lovely to live with and an adorable choice for pony riders moving up to the Childrens or Small Juniors.

    • 2012 16h Zangersheide Gelding
    • Barn Name: Beefy
    • Sire: Last Man Standing
    • Showing in: Green & Childrens Hunters
    • Type: Hunter
    • Sale Price Range: $80,000 - $100,000
    • Imported 2017. X-rays Available.
  • Career Highlights:

    3' Green Hunter ribbons at 2020 Capital Challenge + additional miles & ribbons in the Childrens Hunters

Le Premier Last Man Standing Lovari Lasino
Donata II
Alandia Landgraf I
K.Sellie 14 Calando I Cor De La Bryere
H. Sellie 2 Ladalco
(click image to view larger)
  • Lepremier-hunter-derby-1
  • Beefy-hunter
  • Beefy-hunter-model
  • Beefy-hunter-model-2
  • Lepremier-hunter
2012 16h Zangersheide Gelding by Last Man Standing
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Freshly imported & already a jr/am wonderhorse. Jumped around the hunters & derby at first show with no prep, no ear plugs, and no professional rides & recently Champion Childrens Hunter in good company at HITS. Smooth & comfortable with classic style. Stays the same all the way around the ring & is always a pleasure to ride. Simple enough for a novice & talented enough for a serious Jr/AO rider. Handy enough for the derbies or for doubling in the equitation. Sweet as can be in the barn & gorgeous to look at, too. Still eligible 3’ Green & ready to move up at any time.

    • 2013 16.3h Brandenburg Gelding
    • Barn Name: Vogie-Bear
    • Sire: Volkano
    • Showing in: 3' Green Hunters, Children's Hunters, National Hunter Derbies
    • Type: Hunter
    • Sale Price Range: $100,000 - $150,000
    • Imported 2020. X-rays Available.
  • Career Highlights:

    Champion Childrens Hunter, 17 entries ~ 2020 NY Horse & Pony

Vogue Volkano Voltaire
(click image to view larger)
  • Vogue-hunter-model
  • Vogue-fieldstone-champion
  • Vogue-hunter-portrait-2
  • Vogue-hunter-portrait
2013 16.3h Brandenburg Gelding by Volkano
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Gorgeous Big Eq prospect with consistant Adult Equitation wins in tough Northeast company. Shows all the poise & presence of a finals-quality horse & seller is bringing along slowly & carefully. Walks the lines, steps over the 3’6”, and jumps in terrific style. Will double handsomely in the hunters & is already pinning very well in the National Derbies. Simple to ride & wonderful to show + learns easily & has a fantastic work ethic. Completes the picture with dreamy markings & a kind expression that commands the judge’s attention. Still young but well on his way to stardom & ready to thrive in your educated program.

    • 2014 18h Holsteiner Gelding
    • Barn Name: Dino
    • Sire: Dinken
    • Showing in: Amateur Equitation, Hunters, National Derbies
    • Type: Hunter, Equitation, Equitation Prospect
    • Sale Price Range: Over $150,000
    • Imported 2019. X-rays Available.
  • Career Highlights:

    Champion Adult Equitation 18-35; Winner NEHC Adult Medal; 4th of 58, USHJA National Hunter Derby ~ 2020 NY Horse & Pony

    2nd, USEF 3'3" Adult Medal ~ 2020 Princeton Summer Classic

    Winner USEF 3'3" Adult Medal ~ 2020 Princeton Classic Preview

    2nd, USHJA National Hunter Derby ~ 2020 Princeton Show Jumping June/July II

    Champion Adult Equitation; 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 5th & 7th, Adult Amateur Hunters ! 2019 Tryon Fall 2

    Champion Adult Equitation, 11 entries; Winner Dover Adult Medal; Winner NEHC Adult Medal ~ 2019 HITS on the Hudson VII

    Champion Adult Equitation, 24 entries; Winner M&S 3'3" Jr/Am Horsemanship Medal ~ 2019 Fieldstone Summer Showcase

    Champion Adult Equitation, 13 entries ~ 2019 Princeton Classic Finale

Dionysus Dinken Diarado Diamant de Semilly
Roxette I
Inken I Cassini I
Dolli II
Zum Felde Casall Ask Caretino
Nele V Contender
(click image to view larger)
  • Dionysus-capitalchallenge-2
  • Dionysus-capitalchallenge
  • Dionysus-capitalchallenge-3
  • Dionysus-equitation
  • Dionysus-amateur-hunter
  • Dionysus-equitation-canter
  • Dionysus-holsteiner-model
  • Dionysus-holsteiner-portrait
  • Dionysys-champion
2014 18h Holsteiner Gelding by Dinken
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Incredible Ch/AA-Jr/AO Jumper & a super confidence builder for move up. A blast to watch & ride + always a fast & clean competitor. Great Low Jr/AO prizes in good east coast company with a 14 & Under rider. Catty jumper with very impressive style & quick-thinking feet. Very light & uphill & doesn’t pull at the rider. Showed successfully in the 1.35m in Europe and could potentially do the Highs.

    • 2011 17.3h Holsteiner Gelding
    • Barn Name: Cen
    • Sire: Connor
    • Showing in: Ch/AA-Jr/AO Jumpers
    • Type: Jumper
    • Sale Price Range: $80,000 - $100,000
    • Lease Price Range: $40k - $60k/yr
    • Imported 2019. X-rays Available.
  • Career Highlights:

    4th of 31, $2000 NAL 1.25m Jr/AO Welcome ~ 2020 Capital Challenge

    Winner 1.20m Low Jr/AO Jumper ~ 2020 Fieldstone Summer Showcase II

    Reserve Champion Ch/AA Jumper ~ 2020 Fieldstone Summer Showcase I

    Champion High Childrens Jumper & Winner $2000 M&S/NAL Ch/AA Jumper Classic, 16 entries ~ 2020 NY Horse & Pony

    Champion Low Amateur Jumper & Winner $3000 NAL Low Amateur Jumper Classic, 12 entries ~ 2019 Tryon Fall 2

    Winner $2500 M&S/NAL Ch/AA Jumper Classic, 17 entries; Winner High Ch/AA Jumpers; Winner 1.05m Open Jumper Derby ~ 2019 Fieldstone Summer Showcase

    Champion 1.15m Jumper & Winner 1.20m Low Jr/AO Jumper ~ 2019 Vermont Summer Special

    Reserve Champion High Ch/AA Jumper, class winner out of 18 ~ 2019 Princeton June II

    Imported in May with numerous clear 1.35m rounds in Germany

Cen Connor Casall Caretino
Korrada S Cor de la Bryere
Z-Helena Cassini II Capitol I
Karina VI Cantus
Felina II
(click image to view larger)
  • Cen-junior-jumper
  • Cen-holsteiner-jumper-2
  • Cen-holsteiner-jumper
  • Cen-junior-jumper-2
  • Cen-holsteiner-model-2
2011 17.3h Holsteiner Gelding by Connor
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La Vie en Rose

La Vie en Rose

Gorgeous & talented with light show miles but great success in the them. Champion in the Adults at Princeton & locally & can show another 3’/3’3” Green year in 2021 if buyer desires. Beautiful mover & a soft ride with a big step & a lovely jump. Scope to be a stunning 3’6” hunter/eq horse for a junior & brave enough to jump the derby classes. Seller has too many & this one would love to be your main squeeze. Offers a wealth of quality for this price point & should shine in any competitive program

    • 2011 16.3h Holsteiner Mare
    • Barn Name: Rose
    • Sire: Lenett
    • Showing in: Adult Amateur Hunters
    • Type: Hunter, Hunter Prospect
    • Asking Price: $60,000
    • Imported 2018. X-rays Available.
  • Career Highlights:

    Light show miles with wins & tricolors in the Adult Hunters on USEF & Local circuits

La Vie en Rose Lenett Loran Lord
Hollyday II Lord Calando
Ungarin III
Rififi Carvallo BB Carthago
BB Jasmin
Zocka Ahorn Z
(click image to view larger)
  • Rose-adult-amateur-hunter-champion
  • Rose-adult-amateur-hunters
  • Rose-holsteiner-hunter-model
  • Rose-holsteiner-hunter-model-2
  • Rose-holsteiner-portrait
2011 16.3h Holsteiner Mare by Lenett

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