From pre-listing prep to on-going promotion after launch, The Exchange is a full-service marketing agency dedicated to the promotion of top quality sale horses.

We have 2 listing types. Our Premium Sale Horse Listings will suit private sellers with 1-5 horses, or agents with multiple horses to bill separately. Sellers with a consistently large number of sale horses will find our Sale Barn Listings scopey & effective. Compare pricing and details below, let us know if you have any questions, and select Register Horses when you're ready to proceed.

  (This is our standard 1 horse listing)
Seller Type: Ideal for sellers with 1-5 horses or trainers with multiple horses and several separately paying owners. Provides greater exposure & detailed listings for each individual horse. Ideal for large operations with high sale horse turnover and/or a wide variety of sale horses for buyers to choose from. Promotes your business, your horses, and the one-stop shopping experience.
Listing Presentation: Horses are presented in thorough detail on a 4-tabbed full page format complete with in-depth description, lineage, photos & video, upcoming show schedule, and an overview of the USEF show record. Features custom slide-show, brief business bio, links to your Web Site, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter, plus room for up to 10 sale horses with photos, videos, lineages & brief descriptions.
Video Required? Yes, no exceptions. For at least 70% of your active listings.
Video Editing & Hosting: Videos are muted, edited and encoded with our professional tools then uploaded to our private video server. Videos are also featured on The Exchange YouTube channel. Videos are hosted from your YouTube account which also increases your YouTube channel visibility.
Show Schedule Tracking: Horses named individually on our Show Calendar. Upcoming shows displayed on horse's page. Sale Barn named on our Show Calendar. Upcoming shows displayed on sale barn page.
Anytime Updates Included? Yes! Yes!
Unlimited Photos & Videos? Yes! Yes!
Professional Photo Editing & Touch-Up? Yes! Yes!
Professional Copy Writing? Yes! Yes!
Social Media Marketing? Yes! Yes!
For International Sellers? Yes! Yes!
Seller Commitment: Month-to-month. Cancel by 15th to be removed from the following month's charges. Requires minimum 3 month commitment.
Loading Fee: $250.00 per horse No Loading Fees
Monthly Subscription Cost: 1-2 Horses: $35.00 each
3-4 Horses: $30.00 each
5+ Horses: $25.00 each
In North America:
$300/mth for up to 10 horses

$250/mth for up to 12 horses
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