Video is required for all listings, no exceptions.

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Premium Sale Horse Listing Registration

If you have a current credit card registered with us you may skip to Step #2.

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    Exchange Account Registration (Register Payment)

  • Time to Complete: 5 Minutes
  • Have your Credit Card & Advertising Contact Information ready.
  • Charges are not processed upon submission of this form. The form will securely transmit your payment information to us using 128 bit SSL encryption. Charges will be processed when all media has been received (Step #3!) and approved.
  • Cost: (Wondering what's included? Click here.)
    Loading Fee: $250 (per horse)
    Monthly Subscription:
    1-2 horses: $35/mth/horse
    3-4 horses: $30/mth/horse
    5+ horses: $25/mth/horse

    Exchange Equine Fact Sheet (Register Horse)

  • Average Time to Complete: 20-40 minutes, depending on depth of your answers.
  • You will need to complete one Equine Fact Sheet for each horse you wish to list.
  • We strongly recommend experienced horsemen complete this form. Use the links above to email this form to the appropriate contact.

    Exchange Media Center (Submit Videos & Photos)

  • Video & photos are required for all listings, no exceptions. Upload photos & high quality videos of any size at our Media Center.
  • There is no limit to the number of photos or videos featured on your horse's page. However, we will select and use only media that enhances your horse's campaign, not just adds to it.
  • Remember, production will not begin until all media has been received & approved.

Once your Exchange Account is registered you can use the + Add New Horse and + Add New Media links located at the top of each page to quickly submit new listings and media.

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