Frequently Asked Questions

Can you help secure media for my listing?

If you are having trouble getting photos or video from one of our busy circuit professionals let us know. We work closely with many of them and can often assist in securing media.

I have photos that were taken by a professional. What do I need to do?

All professional photography submitted to The Exchange must be approved for advertising use. Costs & permissions for this non-personal use vary by professional, please contact them if you are unsure which rights were included in your original photo purchase. You assume all responsibility for all media submitted to The Exchange upon agreeing to our Terms of Service.

Can I email my video?

No. Video files are too large to be received in our email inbox. Please use our dropbox to submit all video.

My video is on a DVD, how do I get it to you?
    First be sure the video is not copyrighted. If the video was shot by a professional it is likely protected by copyright and cannot be copied. You will need to contact the videographer to obtain permission to use the video. If the video is not copyrighted, you may either snail mail the video to our office and we will handle the transfer, or upload the video files on the disc through our dropbox. To upload videos from a DVD follow these steps:
  • Insert the DVD and locate the correct DVD drive on your computer.
  • Open the DVD so you can view the files that are on it (for Windows users, right-click the DVD drive and select Explore)
  • Locate the VIDEO_TS folder and click/double-click to open.
  • You will see several different files inside this folder. Some are your video files, some are files the disc uses to communicate with your DVD player. We need only the video files. To determine which files are your videos look for the .VOB file extension, they are usually entitled VTS _01_01.VOB, VTS _01_02.VOB, etc. These are your video files; i.e. the ones you will select for upload to our dropbox. You can also determine which files are videos by looking at file sizes: Video files are noticeably larger than all other files on the disc.
How do I add new media to a current horse's advertising?

Just submit your new videos or photos to The Exchange and we will handle the editing and posting. Photos can be emailed to [email protected], or use the + Add New Media link on our home page to quickly access or media upload utilities.

Do you market young horses, or horses priced in the lower ranges?

We have no problem listing Mr. Useful, a quality youngster, or a veteran stepping down, and priced low, as long as your media allows for productive marketing and the horse is capable of showing respectably on the Hunter Jumper circuits. Admittedly, we specialize in horses and ponies suitable for "B" and "A" rated competition, and typically priced in the 5 or 6 figures.

Does The Exchange take a commission?

No commissions are charged on Premium or Sale Barn horses, your only marketing costs are the flat fees you see here. We do accept commissioned listings by special arrangement. These horses must have exceptional media & documented results. A rate of 3% is charged, and preference is given to Sellers with which we already have established relationships.

Exchange marketing should not affect any prearranged commissions.

My horses are located in Canada, do I need an International Listing?

No. Canadian horses have always been featured among our U.S. horses. Canadian sellers are welcome to either the Premium or Sale Barn options.

Sale Horse (Premium) Listing FAQs & Requirements

Requirements for Listing
  • All Premium Listings are subject to approval by The Exchange. Media & show records must reflect Asking Prices.
  • Video is required for all Premium Listings, no exceptions. Please have a suitable video ready before registering a horse. Click here for more information.
  • A credit card is required for payment. Monthly Subscription Fees are automatically deducted on the 5th of each month once the listing is active. A listing is considered active when it is available on Your charges will be pro-rated for the first month of advertising.
  • Cancellation by the 15th is required to remove a horse from the following month's charges.
When will my account be charged? How quickly will my listing be online?

Loading Fees are charged when media is approved and horse is entering production stage. We manage marketing for over 60 horses while meeting various promotional deadlines and committing 8-12 hours of personal attention to each new listing. We try our best to turn horses around in 2-4 days after media approval, but sometimes deadlines, travel commitments or a sudden rush of new listings can cause delays.

Can I preview my horse's web page before it's posted to the Internet?

Yes, all pages must be approved by either the owner or agent before it will appear on our web site. You will be emailed a link to review the page and either approve or suggest changes. Together we will work to ensure the horse is honestly advertised and appropriately described.

Can I pause my horse's listing?

You may pause a listing for up to 3 months with no restocking penalty. Listings re-activated after 90 days will incur a restocking fee of $75.00. Listings re-activated after 9 months will be charged $150. These fees cover the updating of your horse's copy & media, and re-insertion into our various campaigns. Restocking fees also apply to horses returning from lease.

New! Is there a multiple horse discount for Sale Horse Listings?

Yes! If all horses are billed to the same credit card. The following monthly discount will automatically apply based on number of active listings at time of billing (the 5th of each month):
1-2 Horses: $35.00 per horse
3-4 Horses: $30.00 per horse
5+ Horses: $25.00 per horse

There is no discount on Loading Fees.

If you have multiple horses to advertise you might consider our Sale Barn Listing.

All of my videos are on YouTube, can you use them?

Maybe. With the account holder's permission we can download your video from YouTube, edit it, and then upload it to our private video server. We will allow YouTube embed codes only when it is required by a professional videographer's usage policies. Please Note: YouTube seriously degrades the quality of your original video. Whenever possible, submission of the original video file through our dropbox is recommended.

Why don't you use YouTube embeds?

Because YouTube's goal is to take Buyers off our web site, and away from your sale horses. Furthermore, some of their "suggested videos" are in no way suggested by The Exchange, and we prefer they didn't advertise them on our site. Fear not, we still reap the social media benefits as every video we upload to our private video server is also uploaded to our very popular YouTube channel.

What are the benefits of private video hosting?

Videos for Premium Listings are hosted on the Vzaar Video Management System. They are available to embed on your web site, tweet, download as .MP4 files, and share on Facebook, just like YouTube videos. But, unlike YouTube, vzaar hosted videos won't lure Buyers off with recommendations for other sale horses. Vzaar also allows us to engage video statistics, create playlists, and smartly organize our 200+ video library. It is a Premium service for our Premium Listings. Share links for your videos are provided when your horse's page is launched. If you'd like to use our edited videos on your web site, or download the .MP4 for your own sharing, just ask us for the code.

Sale Barn & International Listing FAQs & Requirements

Requirements for Listing
  • A 3 month commitment is required. This allows adequate time for your listing to cycle through at least one seasonal promotion.
  • At least one photo is required for every horse listed. No text-only ads will be posted on
  • Video is required for at least 70% of horses listed. Statistics show video ads receive far more interest than photo ads. We have set this requirement in the interest of your success.
  • A YouTube account is required to host videos, which will then be embedded on
  • A credit card is required for payment. Your monthly subscription fees will be processed automatically on the 5th of each month.
  • Due to print advertising deadlines, cancellation by the 15th is required to remove your Sale Barn Listing from the following month's charges.
How many horses can I advertise on my Sale Barn page?

North American Sale Barns may advertise up to 10 horses with photos and video on their page, International Sale Barns are allotted room for 12 horses. There is no minimum horse requirement.

I don't have a YouTube account, can I still list my Sale Barn?
    If you do not currently have a YouTube account, or would rather The Exchange handle all video editing & uploading tasks, then you must select one of the options below:
  • We can edit & upload your videos to our YouTube page. Cost is $20 per video. Or:
  • We can create &/or manage a YouTube account for your business. Cost is $90, which includes edit & upload of 5 videos. Cost is $20 per video thereafter for maintenance, or you may take on the maintenance of the account yourself.
How do I put a new horse on my Sale Barn page?

Simply complete an Equine Registration form for your new listing and we'll take care of everything. Look for the + Add New Horse link on our home page for a quick shortcut to this form.

Adding a new horse?
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