One successful sale pays for an entire year of Sale Barn marketing costs!

    Sale Barn Listing
  • North American:
    $300/mth or $3,000/year.
    Room for up to 10 horses.
  • International:
    $250/mth or $2,500/year
    Room for up to 12 horses.
  • 3 month commitment required. No loading or additional fees.
  • Professional promotion of you, your horses & your business.
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  • For hi-volume operations with frequent turnover.
    Maintains a steady stream of interest in your horses all year long.
  • Swap horses in or out at any time at no extra cost..
  • Your Sale Barn page links to your web site, YouTube, Facebook & Twitter feeds (if available).
  • Increases overall brand awareness resulting in across-the-board business growth.
  • Room for all horses to be presented with photos & videos.
  • Our Sale Horse Calendar lets Buyers know when your horses are available at shows.
  • Update your ads with one email. Photos & videos may be added or replaced at any time.
  • Show results and listing updates publicized through our many social media channels.
  • Display ad feature in the Exchange National Sales List
  • International Sale Barns: Customized with additional details about shipping, travel & accomodations in your area.
  • Yearly Package - Save $$$ by committing to a year of Sale Barn advertising. Payments may be split into 6 month installments.
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Standards of Quality.
Our unmatched reputation for quality has the respect of discriminating trainers and high-end buyers alike.

Promote your brand.
Prominent logo placement plus links to your Web Site, Facebook, YouTube & Twitter pages, promote your brand and your business.

Professional Ad Development.
As professional designers, developers and writers we consistently deliver top-notch presentations for our clients. Our "real world" equivalents charge upwards of $50 an hour for these services.

Beyond the Internet
Your Sale Barn is also promoted in our professionally produced National Sales List, distributed in print at horse shows nationwide.

How do I make updates to our EHJ Sale Barn page?

Just send us your good news, changes to listing details, or new photos & video. We'll edit the media and make the changes while you go ride. Easy peasy. In fact, to ensure sale horse details are always up-to-date, many sellers simply redirect visitors from their own web sites to ours. Double peasy!

Are you in on the fun? Our promotions can be found all over cyberspace and directed over 50,000 visits to in 2011!

Professionally designed page with room to advertise 10 horses on the industry's leading web site for high-end sales.

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