"A good snapshot stops a moment from running away" Eudora Welty

There are no limits to the number of photos & video we will happily showcase for your horse, as long as they truly enhance his or her presentation. Please submit whatever photos and video you believe might be suitable, then allow us to select those that best demonstrate your horse's talents.

Photo Submission for all Listings:
Click here to upload photos.

  • On a crowded web investment in quality photography always pays off.
  • Action photos typically produce better results than non-action photos.
  • We require at least one high resolution photograph (Minimum 200dpi, 4"x6") for use in print advertising.
  • Low resolution/web photos (72 dpi) must be a minimum of 400px x 400px.
  • All professional photography must be released for use in advertising.
  • Photo credits must accompany all professional photography.

Video Submission for Premium Listings:
Click here to submit your video files.

  • When you click the link above a new window will open that allows you to send any size or type of file. Just complete the required information (please include horse's name some where), select the video files from it's location on your computer, and hit "Send It". "Dagny Aslin" is me :)
  • Videos for Premium Listings are professionally edited & hosted on our private video server. This is so Buyers are not lured off our web site (and away from your sale horse) by YouTube.
  • Preferred format is an uncompressed MP4. To receive the full benefit of our professional editing suite always submit the original, uncompressed video file.
  • We will review all rounds and select those we feel truly enhance your horse's presentation. Less is more in most cases.
  • Video will be edited as necessary. We will not make obvious cuts to footage.
  • For instructions on how to submit videos from a DVD visit our FAQs.
  • YouTube: With the channel owner's permission we can rip video from YouTube if this is the only option for video. Please email your YouTube links.
  • Sale Barn videos are hosted on the Sale Barn owner's own YouTube account. Links for these videos should be submitted with horse's registration.

You assume responsibility for all photos and videos submitted to The Exchange upon agreeing to our Terms of Service. All professionally produced media must be approved for use in "Sale Horse Advertising" by the photographer or videographer. If requested, you must be able to submit proof of this approval.

If you are uncertain whether your photo/s are cleared for use simply contact the photographer and inquire whether a release for "sale horse advertising" was included in your photo purchase or requires an additional fee. If you need assistance tracking down quality photography of your horse, just let us know.

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