We have a passion for great horses, modern media & beautiful presentation, and we've been perfecting a productive combination of the 3 since 2005. Today The Exchange is a dominant force in the equine marketplace, with an unmatched reputation for quality.

ExchangeHunterJumper.com 5.0

Today's seller faces a much different market then they did a decade ago. Our background in web development allows for quick adaptation to these ever-changing needs, and ExchangeHunterJumper.has been revised, re-vamped and re-launched nearly every year in response to industry feedback. 2012 marks our 5th site revision, and the first time outside programmers have assisted with the project.

EHJ 5.0 features major upgrades to the site's functionality, including a new search filter, linked ads for multiple horse sellers, and interactive pages that promote a barn's entire sale stock. We've migrated the site to the Expression Engine CMS, which allows for faster updates, better organization, and great potential for expansion. The able folks at Able Engine are responsible for the site's nifty new bells and whistles, while design and layout were conceived and produced in-house by The Exchange. This ensures our site conforms at every level to the needs of the equine seller.

Featured College Case Study

ExchangeHunterJumper.com has been featured as an ongoing, yearly updated case study in the college-level text E-Commerce: Business. Society. Technology since 2011. Published in multiple languages and recognized as a market leader in e-commerce studies, this text explores our unique marketing strategies through six tale-filled pages. Also featured are case studies on the rapidly developing online strategies of companies such as Pandora, Netflix, Twitter, Facebook, E-Bay, Volkswagon and REI.

Read more about the EHJ case study here.

Owner Dagny Amber Aslin

Eohippus, LLC owner Dagny Amber Aslin (Amber) oversees all Exchange marketing & production. She competed across the midwest as a junior, showed as an amateur while attending the University of Southern California, and turned professional in 1999. After working in a variety of show barns she opened her own program in 2002 and catered to private clients in the Santa Barbara area.

Amber also worked as a marketing assistant to Montecito real estate agent Daniel Encell during this time. Dan has been ranked among the Top 5 agents worldwide for Prudential Realty for several consecutive years, and was the #1 agent in Santa Barbara County for nearly a decade. His strategies for marketing high end real estate are extensive and well-defined, and serve as the model upon which The Exchange is based. Amber was also given the daunting task of managing & updating Dan's web site, and another career path was born. Dan's current web site is an early Exchange production.

In 2005 Amber relocated to Chicago to be closer to family, and took the lessons of California with her. With the assistance of her mother, Jane Aslin, she launched The Exchange and proceeded to build ExchangeHunterJumper.com from the ground up.

A family affair

Jane Aslin has seen the ins-and-outs of the equestrian industry from all sides: Barn owner, horse show mom, training client, equine buyer and equine seller. Despite novice non-horsey beginnings Jane quickly immersed herself in the horse show world with a commitment that rivaled her daughter's. It wasn't long before she recognized the benefits of organizing our equine expenditures into an accountable business and quickly took steps towards barn ownership & LLC formation. She brings this key business understanding to Eohippus, LLC and handles all accounting and billing needs for the company.

e • o • hipp • us

With a major in Anthropology and a minor in Classics Amber earned her Bachelors degree with High Honors from the University of Santa Barbara in 2002. As a paid lab assistant in the Anthropology Department of the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History during this time she proudly worked on Arlington Springs Man (which, back then, was incorrectly identified as Arlington Springs Woman). This find includes two human femora radiocarbon dated to 13,000 BP, potentially making them the oldest homo-sapien remains in North America (pre-clovis). A charred pit of mouse bones (Peromyscus Nesodytes) found nearby, and what they revealed about the human environment at that time, was the focus of Amber's work. In 2003 she co-authored the academic essay "Of Mice & Woman" and presented her findings at the 6th California Islands Symposium.

Amber's Classics minor pursuit included a year studying the Ancient Greek language and translating the works of Socrates, Plato, and the great greek dramatists. Eohippus, after which our parent company is named, stems from the greek words for "dawn" & "horse" (eos + hippos), and is the oldest known equine ancestor. It represents a blend of Amber's three passions: Horses, anthropology, and ancient history.

Photo courtesy The Santa Barbara News Press. Dagny Amber Aslin studies Peromyscus Nesodytes.

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